Leader of the Pack (cc)


This entertaining, animated DVD helps young viewers recognize the dangers of tobacco use through the power of storytelling and compelling cartoon characters. Students will instantly connect with likable young Henry as he meets up with Smokey, an animated cigarette who wants Henry to join a secret club known as “The Pack.” Smokey lures Henry into a special amusement park with spooky rides like “The Tar Pits”, “The Amazing Aging Machine”, and an exhibit called “The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Smoking.” Before long, Henry realizes he has been fooled….Smokey’s club isn’t cool, it’s a prison! The DVD concludes with Henry’s dramatic escape from the clutches of Smokey and “the Pack.” Along the way, Henry has learned many of the hazards of cigarette smoking —the Resource Book with fun activity sheets and cartoon-based puzzles accompanies the video. With Henry as the Leader of the Pack, students are sure to have fun as they learn about the perils of tobacco.
Preview a Three Minute Clip
Grades 2-6            16 min.           2003            DVD-3016

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Item #: DVD-3016