Know the Score: the Dangers of Performance Enhancing Drugs


This video reveals the truth about many performance drugs such as steroids, creatine, Human Growth Hormone, diuretics, blood doping hormones and stimulants like ephedrine and amphetamines. Also included is an investigation of so-called “nutritional supplements” that claim to help users lose weight and gain muscle but in reality may set the stage for physical ailments like headaches, muscle weakness and irregular heartbeats. Speakers include young athletes who share their views on “competing clean” without chemical enhancements as well as sports medicine doctors who explain the adverse physical effects of misusing performance drugs. Viewers learn the dangers involved in abusing steroids, stimulants, diuretics and other drugs. Interviews with student athletes emphasize that using drugs to win at sports is the same as cheating. The message of this program is clear: sports competitions are meant to be fun, healthy and drug-free.

Grades 7 – College    20 min.    2003   DVD-5035

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Item #: DVD-5035