Juuling and Vaping: What the Latest Research Reveals (cc)


The CDC reports that in 2018 more than 3 million teenagers are currently vaping and that number is climbing exponentially. Nicotine addiction, exposure to know carcinogens, and substituting cigarettes when they can’t vape, means that an entire generation of teens is at risk. There is a huge gap in understanding the true effects of vaping on short and long-term health. Juul, a single brand of flavored vape, dominates the market with a 63% share of the multi-billion dollar vape market. Teens today refer to vaping as “juuling.” It has become cool, accessible, and a very big problem. This video present the latest research on vaping to educate teens and help them understand the risks. Teens need guidance on how to kick the habit if they already vape and need to understand why vaping is so dangerous.

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Grade 7-College      22 Mins.       2018      DVD-3120

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