In the Know: Social Aggression


Social, relational or indirect aggression-attacking someone through their social standing and relationships-is at least as harmful as physical bullying, and perhaps more pervasive. It is most common among preteen and adolescent girls, centering on their clique culture. Its classic bully is the Queen Bee, the attractive, popular, socially adroit girl who enforces her domination of the clique through exclusion, gossip and slander. This video examines the causes and effects of this surprisingly subtle and sophisticated form of bullying, which has become immensely more destructive through its access to the Internet, instant messaging, email and cell phones.

Psychologists, authors, counselors and teens provide insight and advice on negotiating the complexities and pitfalls of this world in which words do, indeed, hurt you.

Adolescent girls-Adult   17:55 min.   2011    DVD-2748

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