Huffing: the Latest Facts About Inhalant Abuse (cc)


This gripping program shares unforgettable real stories of teens fighting their abuse of inhalants, as well as families who lost a child to inhalant abuse. Compelling interview segments include an Ohio police officer whose son died after a brief experiment with inhalants – which his friends assured him were a “safe way to get high” – and a recovering teen who learned first-hand that huffing inhalants is not only perilous, but can quickly lead to other types of drug abuse. National experts discuss the addictive nature of inhalants and clearly outline the damage these toxic chemicals cause to the brain, heart and lungs. Teacher’s Resource Book provides follow-up assignments and reinforces the program’s powerful no-use message.  2008 Notable Children’s Videos.
DVD Format includes an Interactive Quiz.
Grades 5 – 9             20 min.               2007               DVD-5114

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