How to Stay Safe


“Safe and Sound,” a lively, fast-paced game show, is the setting for this program that teaches youngsters how to stay safe. On-stage contestants answer questions in four key safety categories: Safety at Home, Safety Outdoors, Personal Safety, and Safety and Strangers. Each answer is fully explained to ensure that students understand the importance of obeying basic safety rules. Your students, “the viewers,” are encouraged to play along to test their knowledge! After viewing this program, students will think before they act, evaluate a situation as safe or unsafe, and recognize what makes someone a “stranger.” From using matches to eating berries off a bush, from taking someone else’s medicine to walking over to a car to give a stranger directions, youngsters will have the skills they need to stay safe.

Grades 3-5        20 min.       2006        DVD-2305

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Item #: DVD-2305