Healing Trauma: A Brief Intervention for Women


Dr. Stephanie Covington’s Healing Trauma is an evidence-based, gender-responsive, six-session (90-minute sessions) curriculum for women, especially designed for settings in which a short-term intervention is needed. Examples are a community-based program, such as a mental health center; an addiction treatment program; a private practice setting; a correctional facility (jail or prison); and an agency addressing domestic violence.

This new edition of Healing Trauma includes:

new and updated foundational information for the facilitator
new statistics about abuse and other forms of trauma
new discoveries, publications, and insights in the field; particularly neuroscience
an additional session, which includes more new lectures and activities for the participants that reflect current thinking and practice
a variety of yoga poses, grounding activities, and self-soothing activities

The curriculum uses psychoeducational and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, expressive arts, body-focused exercises, mindfulness, and relational therapy.

What Are the Program Components?

Healing Trauma includes a reproducible facilitator guide and a reproducible participant workbook that contains background information about trauma and session outlines that are similar to lesson plans. The six sessions in the program are:

Session 1: Welcome and Introduction to the Subject of Trauma
Session 2: Power and Abuse
Session 3: The Process of Trauma and Self-Care
Session 4: The ACE Questionnaire and Anger
Session 5: Healthy Relationships
Session 6: Love, Endings, and Certificates

Adult Women     2016        TCB-728

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