From Chaos to Freedom: Part Three, Practicing Reality Acceptance


You have watched others react to painful life events. Some seem to be strengthened by pain, while others are literally destroyed by suffering. The reason for these two vastly different outcomes is no longer a mystery. In this video, rich with eye-opening insights, Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., ABPP explains the four possible responses to devastating pain. In it she reveals the three skills that have enabled ordinary people to cope with extraordinary problems, disappointment, and seemingly unconquerable personal trauma. Using examples drawn from years of clinical experience and deep research, Linehan demonstrates proven techniques for dealing with life circumstances and happenings that “shouldn’t be,” but are. Reality Acceptance teaches readily learnable skills that are solid stepping stones on your way from hard times to hope. It is priceless protection for the quality of life.

Adult    50 mins.    2005    DVD-7320

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