From Chaos to Freedom: Crisis Survival Skills: Part One, Distracting and Self-Soothing


Some causes of emotional distress frankly have no simple remedy–or perhaps can’t be changed at all. But all of us have short-term crises of one kind or another. What we do about them, and how we do it, can have a profound effect on our ability to get through them. In this video you’ll learn how to master, step-by-step, a set of Crisis Survival Skills that are remarkably simple, do-able, easy to remember, and ready to put into practice. Here in Part One you’ll learn how to identify a crisis, seven ways to keep it from dominating oneself, and ways to treat oneself that help get though it more comfortably. Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., ABPP, guides you with warmly human examples that touch, teach and train with techniques proven to work.

Adult    57 mins.   2005    DVD-7318

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