Extreme BULLYING: the Truth About Hazing (cc)


Hazing commonly involves physically abusive, emotionally degrading and/or sexually violating acts that are used as a way to initiate a person into a group. This program examines the growing surge of hazing incidents at high schools around the country, and distinguishes between different types of hazing practiced by girls and boys alike—brutal social humiliations, tortuous physical endurance ceremonies, online cyberbullying and more. Viewers hear from nationally-prominent authors on the topic as well as real-life victims who share their harrowing stories. Teens may not realize that hazing is not a harmless “rite of passage” but instead can be a degrading, damaging and illegal assault. Program discusses the code of silence that often keeps witnesses and participants from coming forth to stop the abuse. Interviews offer words of support for hazing victims and those who may be drawn into participating.
Due to the graphic nature of some subject matter in this program, viewer discretion is advised.

Grades 9-College    23 min.    2011    DVD-2090

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