Exploring Trauma+: A Brief Intervention for Men and Gender-Diverse People


Dr. Stephanie Covington’s newly revised evidence-based six-session trauma intervention is designed for people who have experienced abuse and trauma. Our understanding of gender has shifted from the binary male-female model to a more inclusive and expansive model.

The materials focus on the three core things that both staff and clients need: an understanding of what trauma is, its process, and its impact on both the inner self (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values) and the outer self (behavior and relationships). With a deepening understanding of the impact of trauma, clinicians are beginning to recognize specific issues for men, trans and nonbinary people. These include the silence that surrounds men’s abuse, the impact of male socialization on someone’s response to abuse, the risk of victims becoming victimizers, and the need to understand fear and shame. This material can also be used for training staff on the gender-responsive issues related to trauma.

Includes:  facilitator’s guide and participant’s workbook

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The facilitator’s guide and participant’s workbook are on a flash drive which allows for easy duplication