Everything You Need to Know About Tobacco in 22 Minutes (cc)


This riveting and information-packed video provides a summary of everything students need to know about the dangers of using tobacco. Vividly illustrates the health effects of smoking using interviews of smokers ravaged by cancer, heart disease and lung disease. Identifies the toxic chemicals inhaled in every puff of cigarette smoke, including benzene, arsenic, cyanide, pesticides, carbon monoxide, and ammonia. Details the latest research on the effects of nicotine on the brain and discusses the new scientific findings that nicotine is even more addictive than cocaine. Shows how tobacco companies target young smokers to hook them while they’re young and keep them hooked. Includes interviews with young smokers who describe how they got addicted to tobacco and why it is so difficult to quit. Presents quitting strategies of teens who have succeeded in kicking the habit.
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Grades 7 – College           22 min.           2010           DVD-3020

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