Everything You Need to Know about E-Cigarettes, Vaping and Hookahs (cc)


This hard-hitting program challenges the belief, held by many students, that e-cigarettes and hookahs are risk-free, healthy alternatives to traditional cigarettes. It shows how in a typical hookah session a smoker inhales 100 times the amount of toxin-laden smoke that is inhaled smoking a cigarette. While e-cigarettes don’t contain the carcinogens that come from burning tobacco, the vapor does contain highly addictive nicotine as well as other chemicals whose health risks we are only beginning to understand. Viewers also learn that teenagers who start vaping e-cigarettes are more likely to later smoke regular cigarettes. The program looks at how e-cigarettes have become a multi-billion dollar industry controlled largely by tobacco companies, who use the same deceptive advertising techniques they have used with cigarettes. The DVD contains a separate four-minute bonus video on the dangers of vaping marijuana and alcohol.
Preview a three minute clip: here
Grades 7-College   20 min.   2016   DVD-3127

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