Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol in 22 Minutes (cc)


Using vivid case studies involving teens, along with interviews with health experts, shows that teenage drinkers are more likely to experience health problems, school problems and social dysfunction. Using a fast-paced format, shows the effects of alcohol on the liver, immune system, and gastro-intestinal system; and how binge drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning and death. Explains how alcohol impacts brain development during adolescence and permanently damages parts of the brain associated with memory. Details how a mother’s drinking during pregnancy can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and its impact on her child’s entire life. Includes harrowing first-person accounts of teens’ DUI tragedies involving serious injury, passenger deaths and imprisonment. Describes the legal ramifications of underage drinking. Helps viewers determine whether they have a drinking problem, plus where and how to get help.
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Grades 7-12          22 min.        2009           DVD-4211

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