Dying High: Teens in the ER (cc)


This hard hitting, reality based video gives viewers a chance to see what goes on inside the nation’s emergency rooms as doctors treat teens for some of the most common types of injuries among young people: drug overdoses, alcohol poisoning, car wreck traumas and more. Dying High offers a glimpse into the nightmarish reality of what can happen when young people take risks with their health, their safety and even their lives. New federal data indicates a 20% increase in drug-related ER visits for teens under the age of 17. Yet drug-related emergencies are only part of the bigger picture. This video presents a series of episodes, which allow viewers to see common life-and-death ER moments. The goal of this high-powered video is to remind teens that risk-taking behaviors can often lead to serious injury and death. Activities in the Teacher’s Resource Book allow students to continue their exploration of this subject. PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A VHS OR DVD COPY.
Preview a three minute clip: here

Grades 7 – College             26 min.             2003            DVD-4046

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Item #: DVD-4046