Dying High 2: Real Stories of Drugged Driving


The original award-winning Dying High gave viewers an unblinking look at what happens when teens overdose on alcohol or other drugs. This new program moves onto the nation’s highways, where viewers follow an ambulance as it responds to a multi-vehicle accident involving teens and drugs. Viewers learn the driver severed his spinal cord and is now a quadriplegic. In addition to this compelling footage, viewers are briefed on the range of devastating outcomes resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and other drugs. Includes interviews with real teens who faced the horror of a drugged driving crash. Program urges students to think about the impact their actions have on loved ones and friends when making decisions about drugs and driving. Clearly gives your students the jarring realization that “This could happen to me.”
Warning: This program contains real and dramatized scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.
Preview a three minute clip: here
Grades 7-College           24 min.           2011           DVD-4222

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Item #: DVD-4222