DUI: The Hard Truth (cc)


Hosted by a career EMT, this video reveals the hard truth and horrifying ordeals resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol – a young girl recounts how she was critically burned after her car was hit by a drunken teenager; a young woman tells of having to identify her little sister’s body at a morgue after she was killed by an intoxicated teen driver; an ER doctor talks about “breaking the news” to parents whose son was killed in a drunk driving crash; and a young woman shares the details of her living nightmare when she killed her best friend while she was DUI. Each incident is told “live” in front of an audience of students, parents, teachers and medical professionals who add their expertise. Dramatic video reenactments hammer home the indisputable truth that driving while drunk or impaired results in unforgettable pain, suffering and death. This program contains graphic images which may disturb some viewers.
Preview a three minute clip
Faces of Drunk Driving Website-Jacqui Saburido Story
DVD Extras:
1) A 911 Every Year   1:35 minutes
2) Life in Prison     1:41 minutes
3) No Safe Amount     1:36 minutes
4) A Message from Jacqui     :47 minutes
Grades 7 – College            29 min.           2008            DVD-4027

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