Drugged Driving: The Road to Disaster (cc)


Intoxicated teen drivers are responsible for 18% of motor vehicle deaths each year. Alcohol abuse is a major factor, but teen drivers’ abuse of over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs and marijuana is rising at an alarming rate. Teens are driving impaired and putting their lives and the lives of others at grave risk. In this video, ER doctors and police investigators specially trained to recognize drug- impaired driving present a hard, on-the-scene look at how drugs impact driver alertness, reflexes and perception skills. A prosecutor specializing in DUI cases explains the legal consequences following a drugged driving crash. Finally, a mother recreates the tragic story of how her daughter died in a drugged driving crash caused by marijuana smoking.Viewers get a comprehensive view of the devastating effects of drugged driving on teens, their families and their communities.
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Grades 9 & up            25 min.           2008            DVD-4205

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Item #: DVD-4205