Drug Education for Teens/Tranquilizers & Other Depressants, v. 12 (cc)


Tranquilizers are prescription drugs that belong to a group of substances known as depressants. While they have been used legally throughout history to induce sleep, relieve stress and reduce anxiety, these drugs are easily abused and are no safer than street drugs. Tranquilizers & Other Depressants introduces students to the history of drugs like barbiturates, benzodiazepines and other substances known as “date rape drugs.” Compelling animations explain the effects they have on the chemistry of the brain and the body. Students will get a clear understanding of the consequences of abuse and dependence through user interviews and expert testimony, as well as learning about the treatment options that are open to those in need.

Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 & up       23 min.      2003     DVD-5181

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