Drinking Games, Alcohol Abuse and Overdose (cc)


This program features Mary Claire O’Brien, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, Wake Forest University. The June 12th, 2011 issue of Parade Magazine published a cover story about Binge Drinking which includes interviews from Dr. O’Brien.
This hard-hitting program reveals the truth about teens that engage in drinking games and put themselves at risk for alcohol poisoning, overdose and death. Viewers hear the story of Scott, a smart, athletic fifteen year-old who died from alcohol poisoning after playing a popular drinking game at a friend’s house. In another segment, Dr. O’Brien, an emergency room physician describes the harsh medical procedures that occur when a teen is brought to the hospital after binge drinking. Program also travels to a renowned research brain lab at the University of California, where brain scans clearly show the neurological damage that can occur when teens consume alcohol. This program clearly dispels the myth that alcohol and drinking games are no big deal for teens.  Spanish subtitles.
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Grades 7-College   20 min.   2011   DVD-4217

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