Drama Queens and Tough Guys: Helping Teens Handle Emotions (cc)


Intense emotions are part of every teen’s life. Too often, however, these emotions spill over into “dramas” with groups of kids reacting to and escalating the impact of the drama. The by-product is a ripple of emotional chaos that extends beyond the group members and can negatively affect the atmosphere of the school. Using four “real life” scenarios, the program enables viewers to recognize emotional “drama” and helps them find legitimate ways to handle intense emotions. In one scenario, news of Jenna and Kyle’s break-up travels through the school via cell phones, blogs and gossip. Jenna goes ballistic as groups of friends take sides and escalate the problem. Each scenario is used to underscore teaching points and strategies for coping with strong emotions, to understand why drama often overwhelms an emotionally charged situation, and to learn “drama avoidance” skills.

Grades 5 – 9         18 min.        2006      DVD-2130

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Item #: DVD-2130