Don’t Drain Your Brain: How Alcohol Damages the Brain (cc)


This powerful video uses lively animation and compelling images of the human brain to deliver the latest scientific findings about young people and alcohol. Viewers will learn that early alcohol use causes serious damage to the brain and significantly reduces many important brain functions that are necessary for young people to be successful in life. Young teen presenters review important brain structures and explain how vital they are to normal, healthy functioning–including thinking, moving, speaking, hearing and smelling. Viewers get a chance to see what actually happens inside the brain when alcohol is consumed, and witness how normal brain functioning is short-circuited by alcohol. Viewers will learn that the human brain continues to grow and develop until we are in our early twenties. For students who watch the video and participate in the Teacher’s Resource Book full of informative follow-up activities, the message will be clear: drinking alcohol can damage your brain and cause great harm to your future.
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Grades 3-6           15 min.         2003             DVD-4138

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