Dialogue/Meth in Idaho


On this episode of “Dialogue,” guests take a closer look at the methamphetamine situation in Idaho. State law enforcement officials and treatment providers are growing increasingly concerned about the use of meth in the Gem State. After marijuana, it is the second most common drug in possession of arrestees. But according to prison officials, meth is the single biggest factor in prison growth in Idaho, and this summer, more than half of released inmates said meth was their primary cause of incarceration. A lack of in-patient detoxification and treatment centers contributes to the problem. Guests include: Shelley Odlum, a former meth user who ended up needing skin grafts to repair damage done when a meth lab exploded in her home; Idaho State Police Lieutenant Dan Thornton, commander of the investigative division of Region 4; and Joe Beckett, clinical director of Powder Basin Associates, which operates five drug and alcohol treatment centers in north Idaho. Aired 10/27/05.

High School – Adult       30 min.     2005     DVD-5689

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