Danger Behind the Wheel: The Facts about Distracted Driving (cc)


This powerful program emphasizes the dangers of driving distractions—applying makeup, eating, changing radio channels but most of all, talking or texting via cell phone while driving. Viewers hear from ordinary people whose lives have been forever changed because of distracted driving. A young driver who crashed his car while texting describes how it feels to know that he caused the deaths of two innocent people. A young woman describes the severe injuries she endured—in addition to her parents’ deaths—as a result of a distracted teen talking on his phone while driving. Jennifer Smith, co-founder of the advocacy group FocusDriven, shares her story. David Strayer, a leading researcher explains that driving simulations in his lab have shown that talking on a cell phone—even with a hands-free device—is as dangerous as driving drunk. The program’s unforgettable stories and statistics make it clear that no cell phone call is worth losing a life. http://focusdriven.org/
CINE Golden Eagle Award

Grades 7 – College        26 min.       2011     DVD-2123

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