Country Boys (Outreach and Education Module)


From David Sutherland, acclaimed director of THE FARMER’S WIFE, comes Country Boys, an inspirational coming-of-age story about two boys from Eastern Kentucky’s Appalachian region. Cody Perkins and Chris Johnson struggle to overcome numerous obstacles related to their unique family lives and the economic circumstances of this region. At the same time, their individual stories offer valuable insights into the universally complex problems faced by all teenagers and those who love and support them. Country Boys traverses the emotional terrain of two boys who are about to become men. Through intimate cinematography and extraordinary sound design that puts the viewer inside the skin of the story’s colorful and compelling characters, the film documents the boys’ struggles to overcome hardship and poverty and to find meaning in their lives. Trailer: 7 minutes

High School – Adult           55 min.           2005           DVD-8075

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