Cocaine and Heroin: Still Here, Still Deadly (cc)


I was 15 the first time I tried it. I was at my girlfriend’s house. These words, spoken by a real teen in recovery, set the tone for this powerful video which recounts the stories of two teens that became ensnared in the dangerous and all-too-common worlds of cocaine and heroin abuse. Both teens describe step-by-step how they were sucked into trying the drugs for the first time, how they became addicted, and how incredibly difficult it is to recover from their addictions. Their harrowing testimonies will resonate with viewers and impel them to steer clear of cocaine and heroin. Program includes strategies for recognizing the dangers and avoiding these destructive drugs. A special section detailing the dangers of “starter heroin” is presented with a strong no-use message.
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Grades 7 – College     21 min.       2007   DVD-6025

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Item #: DVD-6025