Buzz In A Bottle: The Dangers Of Caffeine-Spiked Energy Drinks (cc)


With the lure of an over-the-counter jolt, kids are consuming more energy drinks than ever before and in many cases mixing them with alcohol. Through vivid interviews with teens and health experts, the video describes the many physical effects that these concoctions have including dizziness, fainting, heart palpitations, caffeine poisoning, headaches, fatigue, diminished concentration, anxiety, insomnia, shaking, nausea, and high blood pressure. Even more alarming is the trend of mixing these beverages with alcohol, thus allowing users to drink more alcohol than they normally would and putting them at a greater risk for alcohol poisoning. This program arms kids with the facts and gives a strong “no-use” message with particular emphasis on the real health risks of too much caffeine and the grave danger of combining alcohol and caffeine-spiked drinks.
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Grades 7 – College              17 min.                2010               DVD-4013

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Item #: DVD-4013