Break the Cycle: Methamphetamine and Community-Oriented Policing in Indian Country


Methamphetamine has a disproportionate negative effect on tribal communities. In response to this compelling need, the COPS Office awarded Tribal Methamphetamine Initiative grants to 40 tribes and provided those grantees with training and technical assistance. This guide for tribal law enforcement and community stakeholders reflects the priorities and key information resulting from on-site assessments conducted with each tribe; input from eight tribal fellows; technical assistance provided to each of the grantees; and the ideas, discussions, and data that emerged from a national strategic planning summit. The guide addresses the importance and value of tradition and culture in community ownership, prevention, and treatment; identifies innovations and best practices specific to meth production, distribution, and use in Indian country; and provides a series of recommendations for law enforcement and other key stakeholders.

Publisher: COPS and SAI

Published: May 2016 (72 pages)

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