Blow-Ups and Rages: Learning to Manage Your Anger (cc)


Anger is a natural response to many of life’s most troubling situations, but all too often explosions of teen anger can be harmful and hurtful. Hostility and anger can devastate a teen’s life, destroy relationships, cloud effective thinking, impact school performance, affect physical health and ruin future career plans. This program uses dramatic, thought-provoking interviews with real teenagers to demonstrate that, although it is easy to lose emotional control in school, at home and with friends, there are ways to resist exploding in anger or defiance. An adolescent psychologist offers viewers a wealth of common sense tips and advice that will help them more confidently cope with their emotional or angry responses to daily stresses. Tips include: recognizing anger triggers, taking a breath before reacting, defusing situations by talking, learning relaxation techniques and much more. Teacher’s Resource Book activities enable students to examine their own anger triggers and learn effective, healthy ways to harness their emotions.
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Grades 7 – College     18 min.     2010    DVD-1012


Item #: DVD-1012