Beyond Anger and Violence: A Program for Women


A gender-responsive, trauma-informed anger management and violence prevention program for women designed by Dr. Stephanie S. Covington. Beyond Anger and Violence is a 42-hour curriculum for women in community settings, such as outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment programs, domestic violence shelters, and mental health clinics who are struggling with the issue of anger. The first intervention program for women focusing on anger, as well as the trauma they may have experienced, Beyond Anger and Violence utilizes a variety of evidence-based therapeutic strategies, such as psycho-education, role-playing, mindfulness activities, cognitive behavioral restructuring, and grounding skills for trauma triggers, In using this material, you will help women explore the roles of anger and violence in their lives, see the strengths they have, and increase the skills they need to deal with their feelings in healthy ways.

The curriculum includes:

Facilitator Guide presenting a 21-session format, with the theory, structure, and content to facilitate the program.

DVDWhat I Want My Words to Do to You

Participant Workbook designed to allow women to process, record, and refer back to their therapeutic experience.

Adult      21-session        2014       PTC 2003


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