BE RIGHT BACK: Time to DECIDE – An Alcohol Use Prevention Curriculum


Corresponding to the National Health Education Standards, this comprehensive DVD/print curriculum educates middle school students about the risks of teen alcohol use and seeks to prevent initiation of alcohol use among teens. The program provides a powerful tool to help teens learn and practice the steps to making decisions in difficult situations involving alcohol, such as refusing a ride with a drunk driver and resisting alcohol consumption under pressure from peers. Program consists of 6 modules; Decision Making and Alcohol, Health Risks of Alcohol, Risk Taking and Alcohol, Alcohol and Mental Health, Alcohol and the Social World, and Alcohol and Dating. Each module models teen decision making in difficult situations and the consequences, both positive and negative. Includes information and resources for schools, communities and parents.

Grades 7 & 8            30 min.         2010          PTC 1000

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Item #: PTC1000