B Careful When U Text: The Dangers of Texting and Sexting (cc)


A nasty rumor spreads through school with lightening speed. A bully’s taunt reaches its target instantly. A young teen is caught “sexting”-sending sexually explicit images or words over a cell phone. Today, kids no longer have to wait to get to a desktop computer to see and hear all the latest gossip. It’s right in their hands, on their cell phones, mobile email devices and handheld computers, giving them the ability to take and send pictures and videos and instantly access social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Using dramatic scenarios as well as first person experiences, explores the positive and negative sides of this new technology. Gives viewers a primer on the Do’s and Don’ts of text messaging, including the laws on privacy and child pornography, setting and maintaining personal boundaries, dealing with unforeseen consequences, and underscoring the need to “think before you click”.

Preview a three minute clip: here

Grades 5 – 9       18 min.        2010        DVD-2048

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