Anger: Creating New Choices/A Closer Look, v. 1


In this powerful program, ex-offenders and people in recovery look at the cost of anger and aggression in their own lives – and learn how to create new choices. They discover that destructive actions don’t “just happen” in an instant; they grow out of a pattern of thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Viewers learn an array of effective alternatives and practical skills which make it possible to stop aggression before it’s too late. Exploding in anger need not be an automatic response; it is possible to create new choices – and a different kind of life. Does rage explode “out of nowhere?” A CLOSER LOOK reveals that many things happen before we get angry: thoughts, beliefs and feelings all play a crucial role. Discovering that we do have time to do something different is a crucial first step in creating new choices. Viewer discretion advised.
Adult            35 min.           2001            DVD-1001

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