Alcohol: True Stories


Alcohol: True Stories hosted by Matt Damon tells true stories of four young people and how their choices about alcohol impacted their lives.

q  Robert was a star soccer player. After drinking a few beers, he crashed his dad’s car. His leg was severed. Robert wishes he’d listened to his dad’s warnings about alcohol.
q  Dana lost two family members to murder. Unlike many who turn to alcohol to deal with stress and sadness, Dana and her cousin find healthy ways to cope.
q  Megan was diagnosed with alcoholism at 16. At first she denied she had a problem. One night, while drunk, she was sexually assaulted. Megan tells how she finally asked her parents for help and how she feels today about underage drinking.
q  Ilton is a talented hip-hop dancer. His dedication to his sport, his determination to be a role model to others and his mom’s guidance helps Ilton avoid alcohol.

Evidence-based, see NREPP Registry

Junior High School/High School   22:18 minutes   2002   DVD-4010


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