Alcohol & the Teenage Brain: A Video Guide for Parents & Professionals (cc)


This no-nonsense, straightforward video presents the latest research about how alcohol impairs the growing adolescent brain. The context is delivered by neuroscientist and researcher Scott Swartzwelder Ph.D. of Duke University whose groundbreaking research will be a wake up call for parents, school administrators and substance abuse professionals who want to learn more about the damaging effects of alcohol on teens. Swartzwelder explains that ten years ago researchers used to believe that the brain was finished developing at birth. Now scientists know that the brain is growing and developing through adolescence and into one’s early twenties. The research has further shown that adolescents experimenting with alcohol and binge drinking are literally putting their futures at risk by compromising the full potential of their brains to learn, conceptualize and prepare for college and the workplace.
Recommended by Botvin Life Skills program (NREPP Registry)

Parent/Professional        20 min.         2004      DVD-4008

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Item #: DVD-4008