After School Gets Moving: Training for After School Staff and Game Guide


The “After School Gets Moving” DVD presents a two-part staff development program.

DVD Part 1: Training for After School Staff: explains why movement matters so much to children’s health; explores challenges that get in the way when incorporating more physical activity in after school; and presents strategies to help overcome obstacles.

DVD Part 2: Game Guide consists of easy-to-follow, visual demonstrations to help staff learn how to play and lead a variety of games.

The Leader’s Guide is a companion to the “After School Gets Moving” DVD program. It is a resource for after school program directors to train after school program staff, paraprofessionals, and volunteers who work in after school programs serving children in grades K-5. Together, the DVD and Leader’s Guide show how to promote more safe and healthy physical activity in after school — particularly in environments where space and other resources are limited.

Adult   21 min./29 min.  2011   DVD-2007

Other resources:
Playworks Website
National Institute on Out-of-School Time (NIOST)

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