Addiction Incorporated


ADDICTION INCORPORATED, tells the true story of how Victor DeNoble’s unexpected discovery of an addiction ingredient in tobacco leads to both more addictive Marlboro cigarettes and Congressional testimony. The public revelation of long held tobacco industry secrets leads journalists, politicians, attorneys and whistle blowers into an unexpected alliance that achieves the first ever federal regulation of the tobacco industry. Victor’s unwavering determination to “do some good” leads to a career as an educator that informs kids about the world’s only industry where success is measured by a corporation’s ability to addict people.

The 75 minute version of the documentary “Addiction Incorporated” may be viewed via the following link:

Link to the vimeo version here
Addiction Incorporated Website and Trailer
Addiction Incorporated Press Kit-Download PDF
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Grade Level: 8-12, College, Adult 75 min.or 35 min.version on the DVD
2013        DVD-3019

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