2017 National Cannabis Summit Summary of Proceedings

The 2017 National Cannabis Summit sparked invaluable and timely dialogue about the state of the
science of cannabis and knowledge about how to best regulate the drug in the age of legalization. Summit presentations and discussions brought out a vast array of knowledge concerning cannabis and potential best practices for cannabis policy but also highlighted how much work researchers and policymakers still need to do in these areas. By elucidating lessons learned to date and pointing toward issues where further research and innovation are needed, the Summit highlighted where we are as a nation with cannabis regulation and where we need to go to promote public health, wellbeing, and safety in the age of cannabis legalization.

The report is divided into three sections. The first section addresses the state of the science concerning cannabis’s impact on health, wellbeing, and safety,  and the second focuses on issues related to cannabis policy, regulation, and strategies to promote public health as cannabis laws evolve. The third section
concludes the report with a summary of points that emerged from Summit presentations and discussions concerning steps that researchers and  policymakers can take to advance cannabis science and policy in the age of legalization.

Report prepared by the Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network, Advocates for Human Potential, Inc., and the National Council for Behavioral  Health

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