2016 Issue Briefs for States: Brief Explanations of Common Alcohol Regulatory Issues Facing State and Local Communities

This is a package of simple briefs that address common issues about alcohol regulation. It is designed for community leaders, elected officials and other policy-makers who need a short, straightforward explanation of a given issue.

Each brief is designed to stand alone.  A Table of Contents gives you a quick list of the topics most of which are phrased as a question. Please feel free to download and copy any part of the document.  If you copy just part of the document, Pam would appreciate an attribution to healthyalcoholmarket.com. If you wish to modify one or more of the briefs, please contact the author, Pamela S. Erickson, and she will attempt to accommodate your needs.  She can be reached at pam@pamaction.com.  Further information can be found at healthyalcoholmarket.com.

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Item #: 021716-3