LIFE CONTINUED: Defeating Depression (cc)

LIFE CONTINUED: Defeating Depression (cc)
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“Life Continued: Defeating Depression” examines the lives of two college students from different parts of the country who fought their way through serious mental health struggles: Sarah Virginia and Devin. Both contemplated suicide and Sarah Virginia actually attempted it. Devin’s depression stems from his experience with racism and homophobia in his community. Growing up, he was the victim of extreme bullying and teasing for being gay and was forced to keep his sexuality hidden for most of his life. Sarah Virginia’s depression, anorexia, and self-harm began at the age of 12. At 17, she hit her lowest point. After receiving medical help and counseling, she realized she had a second chance and began to share her story through her writing and music. This documentary tells their stories—from their earliest indications that something was wrong to their decisions to work toward recovery.

Act 1: 7:57 minutes   a new beginning

Act 2: 6:29 minutes   internal struggle

Act 3: 5:39 minutes   you’re still the same person

Act 4: 6:37 minutes   support system

Act 5: 5:53 minutes   having an outlet

Act 6: 4:00 minutes   breaking the silence

Act 7: 4:25 minutes   just do you


SAMHSA Voice Award Winner


College Students   46:51 min.   2013   DVD-6008


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