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The Case of Cool Al: A Johnny Clue Mystery (cc)

A mystery adventure designed to teach young viewers about the dangers of alcohol. Kids, have no fear, ace detective Johnny Clue is on the case of evil dude "Cool Al". When Johnny uncovers unmistakable evidence that bad things are happening to the kids hanging out with Cool Al, his investigation goes into high gear. He uncovers evidence of the crime-- kids drinking alcohol, having memory problems, and even blackouts. More compelling evidence is provided by Stella Sparks, a scientist who specializes in studying the damage alcohol causes to kids' developing brains. Also on the case is Detective Filbert, a cop who provides all the legal facts kids need to know about underage drinking. In the climactic ending, Johnny Clue unmasks Cool Al at a big bash where all the kids discover that drinking alcohol is uncool, illegal, and really bad for your brain.
Grades 3-6            13 min.          2009           DVD-4204

Grades 3-6
Effective Management of ADHD in Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders--May 7, 2012

Children with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder may benefit from medications to address Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other co-morbid conditions. However, children with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder present in a more complex way than do children in the general population. A comprehensive understanding of how ADHD should be identified and treated in children affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol is essential for professionals working with these children in order to develop an effective treatment plan including medication in combination with appropriate therapuetic interventions.

Adult     47:52 min.      2012        DVD-4231


Let's Talk About Drugs

Margaret is happy to go birthday shopping with her grandmother, but unhappy about Grandma's smoking. Having learned in school that it's okay to ask a grown-up not to smoke if it's done politely, she talks to Grandma about how she feels. Grandma sees her point and gives Margaret a fun-filled, smoke-free day. Margaret had fun, but her feet got sore. She asks her father for pills to feel better. He explains that there are no pills for sore feet; he also reminds Margaret that she should take medicine only from him, her mother, or a doctor. From a cousin, Margaret learns the virtues of caffeine-free over regular soda; why alcohol is only for adults; and why trying on adult behaviors is not a smart thing for kids to do.
Grades K-3            16 min.           1996              V-3015

Grades K-3
No Vacies Tu Cerebro: Como el Alcohol Dana el Cerebro [Don't Drain Your Brain: How Alcohol Damages the Brain]

This powerful video uses lively animation and compelling images of the human brain to deliver the latest scientific findings about young people and alcohol. Viewers will learn that early alcohol use causes serious damage to the brain and significantly reduces many important brain functions that are necessary for young people to be successful in life. Young teen presenters review important brain structures and explain how vital they are to normal, healthy functioning--including thinking, moving, speaking, hearing and smelling. Viewers get a chance to see what actually happens inside the brain when alcohol is consumed, and witness how normal brain functioning is short-circuited by alcohol. Viewers will learn that the human brain continues to grow and develop until we are in our early twenties. For students who watch the video and participate in the Teacher's Resource Book full of informative follow-up activities, the message will be clear: drinking alcohol can damage your brain and cause great harm to your future.
Elementary                 15 min.               2003              V-8015

Protecting You/Protecting Me: An Alcohol use Prevention Curriculum (cc)

This is the only elementary-school-level curriculum available that incorporates the latest research on children's brains and developmental risks associated with exposure to alcohol. Teaches students in grades 1-5 how their brains work and how alcohol puts their brains in danger. Also equips them with safety skills, including how to refuse a ride from an adult driver who is not alcohol-free, and how to reduce the risks when there is no option but to ride with a driver who may be impaired. Designed to reduce alcohol use and abuse among children and youth and reduce the incidence of their riding with impaired drivers. .
Grade 5              12 min.              2003              DVD-4180

The Truth About Alcohol

Alerts students to the facts they need to know about alcohol - what it is, how it acts on the body, and why young people are so vulnerable to its dangers. Encourages viewers to reexamine their thinking about alcohol, and helps them understand the problems caused by other people's alcohol abuse.
Elementary             18 min.            1992               V-4109

Why I Won't Do Drugs

This video encourages students to take good care of their bodies through a healthy lifestyle, pointing out that taking good care of your body means not using illegal drugs. While some drugs--medicines--can be helpful, others--alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana--can harm the body.
Grades 2-4            11 min.          1992            VHS

Grades 2-4
You're Not Alone

This is a nine-minute video speaking directly to children, giving them information about alcoholism, being safe, finding adults who can help, and about group as a place to find support.
Elementary           9 min.         1998             V-4125