Binge Drinking

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Access and Excess

This compelling 17-minute documentary takes a realistic and local look at the current problems and the factors in the community - attitudes and norms, access and availability, media messages and policies - that accept, allow and encourage underage and binge drinking among teens and young adults in Ventura county. Suggestions are made for parents, youth and community members to help reduce the problems.
Junior High - Adult               17 min.             2007              DVD-4185

Junior High - Adult
Alcohol & Its Effects

Listen to the voices of recovering users, top alcohol researchers, and treatment professionals as they explore the emotional and physical reasons for drinking, the craving, the role genetics and environment plays, as well as strategies for treatment and recovery. This video is divided into two parts - Overview & Effects; Addiction, Other Programs & Treatments. It describes alcohol's effects based on blood alcohol levels and length of use; the neurochemistry of tolerance and withdrawal; the social and legal consequences of drinking, and its toxic effect on a developing fetus.

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Adult           60 min.            2001              DVD-4008

Alcohol and Your Body

Alcohol is the most widely abused drug in the world, and its effects on the human body are serious. Society and the companies that manufacture alcoholic beverages promote drinking as a harmless social activity. The reality is dramatically different. Even in moderate amounts, alcohol seriously impacts virtually every system of the body. This program traces the effects of alcohol on the nervous, circulatory, digestieve, urinary, reporoductive and muscular/skeletal systems of the human body. Specific disorders that can result from alcohol consumption, such as alcoholic pancreatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, and fetal alcohol syndrome, are described. Dr. Ernest P. Noble, a pioneering genetic researcher at the UCLA, presents information about the genetic basis of alcohol addiction. The role alcohol consumption plays in the development of several common cancers is also revealed. In candid interviews, medical information presented has been authenticated by some of the top health care providers and researchers in the field, several of who appear in this program.
High School - Adult                29 min.          1995            V-4010

High School - Adult
Alcohol: the Medical Consequences, pt. 1

According to Dr. Keppler, alcohol is the most accessible and commonly used and abused drug by people of all ages. In terms of being harmful to your health, it is also the substance that people think of least. But the reality, as shown in this series, is that alcohol is far from harmless. Computer graphics and brain scans illustrate precisely what alcohol is capable of inside the human body. Part One focuses on alcohol's effects on the pharynx, throat, stomach, pancreas, and liver. Dr. Keppler explains that alcohol's unique tendency to remain in the body considerably longer than other drugs bathes these organs in toxic material for extended periods. A bonus Q&A segment follows. PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A VHS OR DVD COPY.
Adult             31 min.           2004            DVD-4142

Alcohol: the Medical Consequences, pt. 2

Part Two discusses alcohol's target organ: the brain. Viewers learn how alcohol affects the chemistry, biology, and structure of the brain. Additional topics include effects on skeletal, heart, and hormonal systems. A bonus Q&A segment follows. PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A VHS OR DVD COPY.
Adult             32 min.             2004            DVD-4143



This NET News production looks at young adults drinking too much, too fast. Hear from law enforcement, university officials, and bar owners trying to change lives before it’s too late. The generally accepted definition of binge drinking in the United States is the consumption of five or more alcoholic drinks in a row by men or four or more drinks in a row by women. When young adults binge drink, it often results in fights, unwanted sex, and automobile accidents. More than ever before, young adults are consuming alcoholic beverages, with the intention of becoming drunk.


High School/Adult    28:46 min.    2011   DVD-4001




The Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much

A delightful tale that deals with addiction, denial, and recovery in a positive, non-threatening way. This program is the perfect teaching tool for explaining the addiction process. Narrated by Julie Harris.
All Ages          12 min.        1986           V-4029  or  DVD-4029

All Ages
The Disease of Alcoholism Update

According to Dr. Ohlms, alcohol still leads the list of most abused drugs in all age groups, between men and women, and from all walks of life. Dr. Ohlms clearly and cogently describes alcoholism as a chronic, progressive, incurable disease characterized by a train of signs and symptoms. He also shares startling and convincing information on the physiological aspects of alcohol addiction and fetal alcohol syndrome. Dr. Ohlms also address the effects alcoholism has on the family of the alcoholic.
Adult           39 min.          2002         V-4037

Drinking Games, Alcohol Abuse and Overdose (cc)

This program features Mary Claire O’Brien, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, Wake Forest University. The June 12th, 2011 issue of Parade Magazine published a cover story about Binge Drinking which includes interviews from Dr. O’Brien.
This hard-hitting program reveals the truth about teens that engage in drinking games and put themselves at risk for alcohol poisoning, overdose and death. Viewers hear the story of Scott, a smart, athletic fifteen year-old who died from alcohol poisoning after playing a popular drinking game at a friend’s house. In another segment, Dr. O’Brien, an emergency room physician describes the harsh medical procedures that occur when a teen is brought to the hospital after binge drinking. Program also travels to a renowned research brain lab at the University of California, where brain scans clearly show the neurological damage that can occur when teens consume alcohol. This program clearly dispels the myth that alcohol and drinking games are no big deal for teens.  Spanish subtitles.

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Grades 7-College   20 min.   2011   DVD-4217

Drug Education for Teens/Alcohol & Alcoholism, v. 1 (cc)

In Alcohol & Alcoholism, viewers learn about the dangers of alcohol abuse and the signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence, while the many factors involved in the disease of alcoholism are highlighted. Whether it is beer, wine or liquor, alcoholic beverages all belong to a class of drugs known as depressants and use can lead to dependence and addiction. Viewers explore the devastating long- and short-term effects of alcoholism through candid interviews with users and family members, and learn about treatment options for those suffering from alcoholism.
Grades 7 - College             23 min.         2004          DVD-4163   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 - College
Drug Education for Teens/Alcohol: Teenage Drinking, v. 2 (cc)

Advertising portrays alcohol consumption as fun, relaxing, romantic, exciting and adventurous. Yet, alcohol is the most abused drug in the world, and one that is often abused by teens with tragic consequences. In Alcohol: Teenage Drinking, students will get the facts on how alcohol affects the brain and body, with vivid animations explaining how drinking impairs motor skills and judgment. This compelling video encourages viewers to ask hard questions about the risks and benefits of drinking, highlighting some tragic personal stories with teen interviews and explanations from experts. This program approaches the topic with straight talk about the dangers of binge drinking and the choices teens are faced with every day.
Grades 7 - College              23 min.             2004             DVD-4164   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 - College
Drunk in Public

"Drunk In Public" is now a feature documentary directed by award winning filmmaker David J. Sperling. This film chronicles the unimaginable last 15 years in the touching, tragic and thought provoking life of Mark David Allen, a man arrested more than 450 times. This documentary provides a non-judgmental objective long term look at alcoholism...It is somber, educational, sometimes funny and entertaining. Audiences seem to respond to this unique presentation on an issue that affects nearly everyone. Therefore it is ideal for rehabilitation programs, teenagers & their families, law enforcement training, churches, schools and anyone else touched by the trauma of addiction. Since its first version, "DRUNK IN PUBLIC" has screened in 15 festivals and collected 5 awards. The completed version is now screening at film festivals and just captured the "BEST EDITING" trophy at the 2007 BOULDER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. Viewer discretion advised.
High School - Adult           81 min.            2009            DVD-4018

High School - Adult
FADED: girls & binge drinking

FADED is a 60 minute documentary profiling four young women, ages 14-22, and their struggles with binge drinking. With the eye of a reporter, the curiosity of an anthropologist and the sometimes wounded heart of a teenager, award-winning filmmaker McIntyre launched a five-year mission, embedding herself in these girls’ lives. From high school classrooms to underground college parties, from roller derby rinks to erotic bakeries, FADED explores the vibrant, dynamic and scary life of a 21st century girl.

Alyssa will be the first person in her family to escape a gang-based lifestyle and graduate from high school. But when her father is hospitalized, she’s left to her own devices and soon gets derailed. Holley skates with a bad-ass roller derby team. She rocks on the field, parties all night and rarely thinks about the consequences. Cassidy is darkly beautiful, smart-as-a-whip and a classic over-achiever. However when she sets off for college, she’s unable to navigate the new set of peer pressures and things begin to spiral out of control. Sharon was fourteen when her family relocated from Indonesia to an upscale suburb in Oregon. She blames the unwelcome move for her descent into drinking and living on the streets.    Colorful language, nudity      PG-13    60 min     2012   DVD-4228                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Haze - High School version [Available to preview online]

HAZE is a feature documentary, created with the intent of placing a focus on the issues of binge drinking, alcohol-laden hazing rituals, and rapid-fire drinking games. Simply stated, the film’s goal is to save lives and prevent harm.  Harm that would never have happened if a few crucial steps had been followed by friends, by fraternity brothers and sisters, family members or peers. HAZE won’t end irresponsible drinking but it will be the first chapter in an educational process for parents and young adults--teaching us what to do and what to look out for in order to “save a life.”    

High School   36:19 min.   2008   DVD-4206

Link to: Gordie's Call Website

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How Could This Happen? A True Story about Binge Drinking and Death (cc)

This program gives students a close up look at the story of Molly Amman, a vivacious nineteen-year-old, straight-A student who died of acute alcohol poisoning in 2011. Through emotional interviews with family and friends, viewers get a firsthand understanding of how one episode of binge drinking can kill. The choices and errors in judgment that lead to Molly's death are presented in stark detail. Medical experts weigh in about the consequences of binge drinking and how the body systematically shuts down when too much alcohol is consumed. Students are made aware of the all-to-real dangers of alcohol poisoning and learn what actions to take if they suspect that someone is at risk of being poisoned.

Grades 7-College   18 min.  2013  DVD-4229


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I'll Quit Tomorrow

Shows clients the progressive nature of alcoholism through one of the most powerful films ever made about this disease.
Adult           86 min.          1975           DVD-4214

Just One Night: A True Story About Choices

2/17/94 started out as a good day for Tom Boyle, a family man on the verge of making a big business deal. But the day didn't end well. Tom wasn't a heavy drinker, but decided to have a few beers with some friends...then a few more with strangers. The next thing he remembers is being rolled along on a hospital gurney while a state trooper informed that he had killed his passenger by driving in a snowplow at 100 mph. Sentenced to 4-8 years for manslaughter, Tom has decided to pay his debt to society by telling his story to groups of students. This is a compelling story of choices: of having everything - money, fancy car, wife and children - and losing it all in "Just One Night".
High School - Adult          28 min.         1998            V-4075

High School - Adult
Lipstick and Liquor: Secrets in the Suburbs

A cold, December day. A mystery unfolds. Thirty-nine year old Julie Kroll stumbles away from a minor car accident, leaving behind her eight-year old daughter… and an open container of alcohol. As darkness descends, she disappears. Lipstick & Liquor explores the secret in the suburbs. A growing number of women are abusing alcohol and becoming alcohol dependent. Excessive alcohol use is the third leading cause of preventable death among women between the ages of 35 and 55. It is a contributing factor in one-third of suicides, one-fourth of accidental deaths and one-half of traffic deaths.  DUI arrests of women are up 30% from a decade ago, while arrests for men are down. Binge drinking among women is also on the rise. Yet, if you were to ask a woman's friends and family if she has a drinking problem, they might very well say no. Women are more likely to drink alone and to hide it. Their problem is less likely to be recognized by a doctor and more likely to reach advanced stages before it's discovered.  The documentary begins with the haunting story of Julie Kroll, a 39-year old suburban mother from Woodbridge, Virginia. Julie went missing on December 16, 2009 when she stumbled away from a minor car crash in the dead of winter, leaving behind her eight-year-old daughter. An open container of alcohol was in the car. While family and friends searched desperately, a seemingly indifferent police department and a blinding blizzard hampered attempts to find her. As the story develops, Lipstick & Liquor introduces us to four remarkable women who have faced their own battle with alcohol addiction. Each one has an amazing story that will resonate with viewers and, perhaps, touch other women who may recognize themselves in these heartfelt accounts. The hard work of recovery along with the gift of love, can provide inspiration and hope to countless women caught in alcohol's destructive web. As women take on increasingly more demanding roles, they are feeling greater pressures at work and home. Adding to their burden is the desperate need to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife and daughter, the perfect everything.  Lipstick & Liquor seeks to shake off the stigma associated with women alcoholics and to provide understanding and insight into the struggle to stay sober. The documentary includes expert commentary from medical researchers, addiction specialists, and authors who shed light on the conditions impacting the increase in alcoholism among American women. Movie Trailer

Lipstick and Liquour Website

Women in Recovery: Discussion Guide

Women in Recovery: Reflective Journal

Adult       77:49 min.      2012       DVD-4158 

Lives Affected: The Victims' Stories

It happens in a flash – first the crash, then the realization that life will never be the same. MADD introduces a powerful new video featuring the aftermath of drunk driving crashes. Lives Affected tells the story of six families destroyed by the impact of one person’s tragic decision to drink and drive.

Junior High - Adult            29 min.             2010        DVD-4055

Junior High - Adult
Making of a Hangover

Filmed under the watchful eyes of a team of researchers, this program scientifically tracks the physical and psychological changes in seven volunteers - three men and four women, ranging in age from 21 to 34 - as they drink with their friends in a bar. Vital information is provided on alcohol's impact on the body, the worthlessness of inebriation remedies such as cold showers and coffee, the very present danger of alcohol poisoning, and genetic inputs for alcohol addiction. In addition, outstanding 3-D computer graphics illustrate alcohol's effects on the brain, stomach, heart, liver, and genitals. A police sobriety test is demonstrated. A Discovery Channel Production. 
Adult            51 min.            2002           DVD-4131

My Name Is Bill W.

Set in Akron, Ohio, in the 1930's, this powerful look at the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous stars James Woods as heavy-drinking stockbroker Bill Wilson, who helps another drinker surgeon Robert Smith (James Garner) stay sober and launch an organization to help others.

High School - Adult               100 min.            1989              V-4084

High School - Adult
Reflections in the Rear View Mirror: Moving on from a DUI (cc)

A compilation of five videos covering a number of aspects of impaired driving. Designed to help facilitate group interaction by encouraging members of a group to discuss their own experience driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The information is presented with creative animation, live action, and appealing easy to understand graphics.     Spanish subtitles.

How I Got My DUI (18:28)
Individuals who were cited for driving under the influence share their experiences along with perspectives from law enforcement personnel.  

Costs & Losses (14:41)
An examination of the short and long term consequences - both financial and personal.                         

Physiology (16:00)
Presenting the physical and mental effects of alcohol and other drugs on the ability to drive.                   

Levels of Use (15:31)
An explanation of the seven levels provides a framework for group members to judge their own level.                                                

How My Life Changed for the Better (8:59)
For many, a DUI serves as a wake up call to rethink and hopefully change some of their behaviors.                                                 

To preview a six minute clip: Click Here                                                                                             
Adult      73:39 minutes     2013     DVD-4235


 Filmmaker Denice Ann Evans draws heavily on the voices of students in this powerful and timely exploration of hookup culture on college campuses. Supplementing student testimony with analysis from experts and health professionals, the film's main concern is whether hookup culture is offering young people a new and potentially liberating set of sexual rules, or whether it's simply reinforcing traditional gender roles and blurring the line between consent and coercion. The result is an invaluable teaching tool, one that asks tough questions about the relationship between hookup culture, gender politics, and the alarming levels of sexual assault and binge drinking that continue to plague college campuses.

The DVD includes both a 64-minute feature of the film and a 35-minute abridged version, made specifically for use in the classroom.


High School-Adult   64 min.   2010   DVD-4233

The Totally Disgusting Alcohol Gross Out Video (cc)

This devastating video, a brand new companion piece to our best-selling Totally Disgusting Gross Out Tobacco Video, will get students to think twice before engaging in underage drinking. It's all there....the vomiting, the stomach pumping, the DUI's, the toilet clutching, the hangovers, the ER visits, the bad decision making. Viewers will gain a thorough understanding of how alcohol affects the body and the risks associated with alcohol use. This program delivers a strong no-use message.

Preview a 3 minutes clip here: Preview

Grades 7-College   14:58 min.   2015   DVD-4106

Grades 7-College