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Access and Excess

This compelling 17-minute documentary takes a realistic and local look at the current problems and the factors in the community - attitudes and norms, access and availability, media messages and policies - that accept, allow and encourage underage and binge drinking among teens and young adults in Ventura county. Suggestions are made for parents, youth and community members to help reduce the problems. www.straightupvc.org
Junior High - Adult               17 min.             2007              DVD-4185

Junior High - Adult
Alcohol & the Teenage Brain: A Video Guide for Parents & Professionals (cc)

This no-nonsense, straightforward video presents the latest research about how alcohol impairs the growing adolescent brain. The context is delivered by neuroscientist and researcher Scott Swartzwelder Ph.D. of Duke University whose groundbreaking research will be a wake up call for parents, school administrators and substance abuse professionals who want to learn more about the damaging effects of alcohol on teens. Swartzwelder explains that ten years ago researchers used to believe that the brain was finished developing at birth. Now scientists know that the brain is growing and developing through adolescence and into one's early twenties. The research has further shown that adolescents experimenting with alcohol and binge drinking are literally putting their futures at risk by compromising the full potential of their brains to learn, conceptualize and prepare for college and the workplace.

Recommended by Botvin Life Skills program (NREPP Registry)

Parent/Professional         20 min.            2004               DVD-5050 

Parent - Professional
Alcohol and Your Body

Alcohol is the most widely abused drug in the world, and its effects on the human body are serious. Society and the companies that manufacture alcoholic beverages promote drinking as a harmless social activity. The reality is dramatically different. Even in moderate amounts, alcohol seriously impacts virtually every system of the body. This program traces the effects of alcohol on the nervous, circulatory, digestieve, urinary, reporoductive and muscular/skeletal systems of the human body. Specific disorders that can result from alcohol consumption, such as alcoholic pancreatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, and fetal alcohol syndrome, are described. Dr. Ernest P. Noble, a pioneering genetic researcher at the UCLA, presents information about the genetic basis of alcohol addiction. The role alcohol consumption plays in the development of several common cancers is also revealed. In candid interviews, medical information presented has been authenticated by some of the top health care providers and researchers in the field, several of who appear in this program.
High School - Adult                29 min.          1995            V-4010

High School - Adult
Alcohol Facts: Straight Up

Two engaging teen hosts present the unvarnished facts about alcohol, while realistic scenarios reveal the physical, emotional and social consequences of drinking.

Grades 5 - 9               18 min.           2005                DVD-4170

Grades 5 - 9
Alcohol: True Stories

Alcohol: True Stories hosted by Matt Damon tells true stories of four young people and how their choices about alcohol impacted their lives.


q  Robert was a star soccer player. After drinking a few beers, he crashed his dad’s car. His leg was severed. Robert wishes he’d listened to his dad’s warnings about alcohol.

q  Dana lost two family members to murder. Unlike many who turn to alcohol to deal with stress and sadness, Dana and her cousin find healthy ways to cope.

q  Megan was diagnosed with alcoholism at 16. At first she denied she had a problem. One night, while drunk, she was sexually assaulted. Megan tells how she finally asked her parents for help and how she feels today about underage drinking.

q  Ilton is a talented hip-hop dancer. His dedication to his sport, his determination to be a role model to others and his mom’s guidance helps Ilton avoid alcohol.


Evidence-based, see NREPP Registry


Junior High School/High School   22:18 minutes   2002   DVD-5000



Junior High - High School
Alone in the Dark

After giving in to peer presure, and against her parent's wishes, seventeen-year-old Tasha Grant goes to a party and gets more than just a little drunk. What happens next will help young adults with decision making regarding DUI, standing up to peer pressure, relating to parental authority, valuing leadership skills, and how to make good choices.
High School - Adult              26 min.          1994              V-4016

High School - Adult
Am I Ready? Making Healthy Sexual Decisions (cc)

In this edgy, true-to-life program, real teenagers and health experts talk frankly about the importance of healthy decision-making when it comes to sexual activity. The program unpacks the many factors that go into a young person’s decision to become sexually active or not, beginning with a discussion of sexual pressure from the media, peers and partners. Viewers are reminded that more than half of all students do not have sex before graduating from high school. Teens and health experts discuss the epidemic of sexually transmitted infections among youth and the life-changing effects of an unplanned pregnancy. Viewers learn they can reduce their risk for both by correctly using condoms and other forms of contraception. Presents abstinence as a healthy choice for teens and emphasizes the benefits of delaying sexual activity.


Preview a three minute clip: http://www.hrmvideo.com/catalog/am-i-ready-making-healthy-sexual-decisions

Grades 7-College   24 minutes   2012   DVD-4234

This title was donated to the collection by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program.

Athletes, Alcohol and Steroids: What's Wrong With This Picture? (cc)

New research has indicated that school athletes, both male and female, are at a greater risk of abusing alcohol and steroids than non-athletes. The video and print package explain why the risk is greater (media images, advertising alcohol with sports events, peer pressure), and how knowledge about the problem can be a first step in reducing athletes' alcohol and steroid use. Interviews with coaches, teens and professional athletes highlight the problem and emphasize how alcohol use undermines sports success. The medical health deficits of steroids are clearly presented as well as eye-opening information that explains that steroid use causes breast development in boys and acne and masculine hormones in girls. 
Grades 7 - College            23 min.              2005               DVD-4162

Grades 7 - College
BE RIGHT BACK: Time to DECIDE – An Alcohol Use Prevention Curriculum

Corresponding to the National Health Education Standards, this comprehensive DVD/print curriculum educates middle school students about the risks of teen alcohol use and seeks to prevent initiation of alcohol use among teens. The program provides a powerful tool to help teens learn and practice the steps to making decisions in difficult situations involving alcohol, such as refusing a ride with a drunk driver and resisting alcohol consumption under pressure from peers. Program consists of 6 modules; Decision Making and Alcohol, Health Risks of Alcohol, Risk Taking and Alcohol, Alcohol and Mental Health, Alcohol and the Social World, and Alcohol and Dating. Each module models teen decision making in difficult situations and the consequences, both positive and negative. Includes information and resources for schools, communities and parents.
Grades 7 & 8            30 min.         2010          DVD-4121

Grades 7 & 8
Chalk Talks by Father Joseph C. Martin

For the past 25 years this Father Martin video has lasted the test of time and still remains a classic tool in treatment programs around the world. Provides an explanation of alcohol and alcoholism.
Junior High - Adult              66 min.        1997            V-4030

Junior High - Adult
Choices Matter: Empowering Students To Stay Healthy & Safe

This is a direct and frank look at the laws, rules, and consequences University of New Hampshire students must face when they make unhealthy and poor choices around high risk and illegal use of alcohol and other drugs.
High School - Adult        21 min.         2005         DVD-4153

High School - Adult
Confronting Drunk Driving (cc)

This memorable video features the true story of Mike Proveromo, a young man who killed his two best friends in a drunk driving car crash when he was a teenager. Today, Mike tours the nation's high schools to share his story, and to warn students never to drink and drive. In addition to interview segments that recount Mike's dramatic story, viewers will also hear from law enforcement officers who explain the legal risks involved in drinking and driving, including harsh jail sentences for those convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). Viewers will also hear from emergency room physicians who describe the traumas and deaths they have seen as a result of drunk driving. Teens will also hear from parents and family members who have been left devastated by the loss of a child as a result of drunk driving. In addition, Confronting Drunk Driving offers important tips for how to avoid being a passenger in a car driven by an intoxicated driver. Teacher's Resource Book offers many useful and thought-provoking worksheets for classroom use. 
Grades 7 - College             28 min.           2003            DVD-4144

Grades 7 - College
Dangerous Decisions: Learning to Think Before You Act (cc)

Teens today are exposed to many risks-the ready availability of drugs, tobacco and alcohol; pressure to have sex; dangers on the Internet; inexperienced, drowsy and drunk driving; extreme diets; and more. When faced with difficult and life-altering decisions, teens often lack the skills needed to understand and evaluate the potential problems before they choose to act. Program provides a step-by-step approach to learning and applying good decision-making skills. Includes risk assessment and risk management tools for all areas of their lives, from school to friends to work to situations that potentially endanger their well-being. Profiles several teens who talk about decisions they now regret. With hindsight, what could they have done to achieve a different and better outcome? Describes how risk taking is a normal part of adolescence while emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy risks.

Preview a three minute clip

Grades 7 - College            20 min.            2009           DVD-5032

Grades 7 - College
The Deadly Consequences of Drunk Driving

Three educational videos entitled The Crash (20 minutes), Left Behind (23 minutes), and Choices (25 minutes) tell the story of Katie, a 13-year old killed by a drunk driver. The Crash is the story of a fatal car crash that killed Katie DeCubellis, 13, and Marsha Bowman, 44, on October 29, 1999. That night, Katie and her friend Becky were on their way to the mall. Marsha, Becky's mother, was driving when a drunk driver slammed into them from behind, sending their car into oncoming traffic. Becky survived that night and speaks openly about her experience, as does Katie's family, and all those who were involved. Left Behind explores the shattered lives of the people who loved Katie DeCubellis and Marsha Bowman. This story focuses on the after effects of the drunk driving crash that took their lives and left Marsha's daughter Becky forever scarred by the tragedy. Now, John DeCubellis and Meg DeCubellis, and Becky Bowman, work ceaselessly to raise public awareness for the need to make responsible decisions. However, no amount of work can erase the pain or loss for those left behind. Choices reveals the ripple effects of one decision made by Stephen Reise on the night of October 29, 1999, when he chose to drive while impaired. Both Katie DeCubellis and Marsha Bowman were killed on their way to the mall when Reise slammed into the back of Marsha's car. Reise is currently serving 14 years imprisonment and a total of 30 years of probation. Both families, however, are serving life sentences as a result of his choice.
Grades 7 - College            68 min.            2004             DVD-4171

Grades 7 - College
Death by Alcohol: The Sam Spady Story

Sam Spady had a wonderful life. She had loving parents and adoring friends. She was a homecoming queen and class president. She had looks, brains, youth and promise. She had everything to live for. But all that came to a sudden and horrific end in the summer of 2004 when Sam shared too many shots of vanilla flavored vodka, passed out and died alone inside a cluttered fraternity house. Her death was an unintended tragedy. Binge drinking kills more than 1,400 college students each year. The epidemic is growing at high schools, colleges and universities across the nation. We hope kids, parents, families and friends will watch Sam's story, learn her lesson and know when to say no.
High School - Adult           31 min.         2006            DVD-4166

High School - Adult
Don't Drain Your Brain: How Alcohol Damages the Brain (cc)

This powerful video uses lively animation and compelling images of the human brain to deliver the latest scientific findings about young people and alcohol. Viewers will learn that early alcohol use causes serious damage to the brain and significantly reduces many important brain functions that are necessary for young people to be successful in life. Young teen presenters review important brain structures and explain how vital they are to normal, healthy functioning--including thinking, moving, speaking, hearing and smelling. Viewers get a chance to see what actually happens inside the brain when alcohol is consumed, and witness how normal brain functioning is short-circuited by alcohol. Viewers will learn that the human brain continues to grow and develop until we are in our early twenties. For students who watch the video and participate in the Teacher's Resource Book full of informative follow-up activities, the message will be clear: drinking alcohol can damage your brain and cause great harm to your future.

Preview a three minute clip here

Grades 3-6           15 min.         2003             DVD-4138

Middle School
Don't Drain Your Brain: How Alcohol Damages the Brain/No Vacies Tu Cerebro: Como el Alcohol Dana el Cerebro (cc)

This powerful video uses lively animation and compelling images of the human brain to deliver the latest scientific findings about young people and alcohol. Viewers will learn that early alcohol use causes serious damage to the brain and significantly reduces many important brain functions that are necessary for young people to be successful in life. Young teen presenters review important brain structures and explain how vital they are to normal, healthy functioning--including thinking, moving, speaking, hearing and smelling. Viewers get a chance to see what actually happens inside the brain when alcohol is consumed, and witness how normal brain functioning is short-circuited by alcohol. Viewers will learn that the human brain continues to grow and develop until we are in our early twenties. For students who watch the video and participate in the Teacher's Resource Book full of informative follow-up activities, the message will be clear: drinking alcohol can damage your brain and cause great harm to your future.
Middle School             15 min.             2003              DVD-4138

Middle School
Drinking & Driving: A Dead End

Designed to get into the "lifescape" of teens viewing the video, this powerful tool teaches teens the legal, physical and emotional ramifications of drinking and driving. Myths about drinking and driving are dissected and destroyed through a question and answer session between high school kids and police officers. Peer-driven with a close, personal look at drinking and driving, this video illustrates how drinking and driving affect a myriad of lives in our society. Emergency room doctors and nurses emphasize the inevitable dangers of blending alcohol with automobiles.  

Junior High - High School            25 min.         2002           DVD-4146

Junior High - High School
Drinking Games, Alcohol Abuse and Overdose (cc)

This program features Mary Claire O’Brien, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, Wake Forest University. The June 12th, 2011 issue of Parade Magazine published a cover story about Binge Drinking which includes interviews from Dr. O’Brien.
This hard-hitting program reveals the truth about teens that engage in drinking games and put themselves at risk for alcohol poisoning, overdose and death. Viewers hear the story of Scott, a smart, athletic fifteen year-old who died from alcohol poisoning after playing a popular drinking game at a friend’s house. In another segment, Dr. O’Brien, an emergency room physician describes the harsh medical procedures that occur when a teen is brought to the hospital after binge drinking. Program also travels to a renowned research brain lab at the University of California, where brain scans clearly show the neurological damage that can occur when teens consume alcohol. This program clearly dispels the myth that alcohol and drinking games are no big deal for teens.  Spanish subtitles.


Grades 7-College   20 min.   2011   DVD-4217

Driving Stupid (cc)

This program dramatizes that most teens overestimate their driving skills and underestimate the risks involved in texting while driving, driving drowsy and driving under the influence. True to life stories accentuate these very real dangers.  A young woman describes how a driver who was texting caused a crash that killed her parents and left her with severe injuries. Another teen describes falling asleep while driving and how the resulting crash left him wheel-chair bound for life. A trauma center nurse and a police officer describe the kinds of injuries they have seen for teenage victims of crashes due to alcohol and drugs. The film also shows teens participating in a driving skills program that safely exposes them to a variety of hazards and teaches them the importance of developing safe driving skills.

Preveiw a three minute clip here

 Grades 7-College   19 min.   2014   DVD-4232

Drug Education for Teens/Alcohol & Alcoholism, v. 1 (cc)

In Alcohol & Alcoholism, viewers learn about the dangers of alcohol abuse and the signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence, while the many factors involved in the disease of alcoholism are highlighted. Whether it is beer, wine or liquor, alcoholic beverages all belong to a class of drugs known as depressants and use can lead to dependence and addiction. Viewers explore the devastating long- and short-term effects of alcoholism through candid interviews with users and family members, and learn about treatment options for those suffering from alcoholism.
Grades 7 - College             23 min.         2004          DVD-4163   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 - College
Drug Education for Teens/Alcohol: Teenage Drinking, v. 2 (cc)

Advertising portrays alcohol consumption as fun, relaxing, romantic, exciting and adventurous. Yet, alcohol is the most abused drug in the world, and one that is often abused by teens with tragic consequences. In Alcohol: Teenage Drinking, students will get the facts on how alcohol affects the brain and body, with vivid animations explaining how drinking impairs motor skills and judgment. This compelling video encourages viewers to ask hard questions about the risks and benefits of drinking, highlighting some tragic personal stories with teen interviews and explanations from experts. This program approaches the topic with straight talk about the dangers of binge drinking and the choices teens are faced with every day.
Grades 7 - College              23 min.             2004             DVD-4164   Spanish Language Track

Grades 7 - College
Drugs: Crime and Punishment (cc)

Powerfully presents the life-altering impact of a drug arrest, trial, conviction and incarceration. The accounts and dramatic reenactments of young people who broke the law and got caught, show the harsh realities of being handcuffed, arrested, booked, fingerprinted and locked in a cell. Program underscores the fact that any drug arrest has life-long consequences for the individual, family and friends. It affects finishing high school, college admissions, job prospects and employment, immigration status, and the rights that attach to citizenship. Program also looks at the legal consequences of using a fake ID; underage possession and use of alcohol; and drunk or impaired driving. The costs of crime are very high-from the legal fees to the toll on lives and the stigma of a criminal record that cannot be erased.
Grades 7 - College           18 min.           2009           DVD-5023

Grades 7 - College
Drunk in Public

"Drunk In Public" is now a feature documentary directed by award winning filmmaker David J. Sperling. This film chronicles the unimaginable last 15 years in the touching, tragic and thought provoking life of Mark David Allen, a man arrested more than 450 times. This documentary provides a non-judgmental objective long term look at alcoholism...It is somber, educational, sometimes funny and entertaining. Audiences seem to respond to this unique presentation on an issue that affects nearly everyone. Therefore it is ideal for rehabilitation programs, teenagers & their families, law enforcement training, churches, schools and anyone else touched by the trauma of addiction. Since its first version, "DRUNK IN PUBLIC" has screened in 15 festivals and collected 5 awards. The completed version is now screening at film festivals and just captured the "BEST EDITING" trophy at the 2007 BOULDER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. Viewer discretion advised.
High School - Adult           81 min.            2009            DVD-4018

High School - Adult