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Rape: Get the Facts (cc)

This documentary-style program presents the legal, medical, psychological and sociological facts about rape. Doctors, judges, social workers, detectives, victims' rights advocates, self-esteem experts, and rape survivors all contribute information, perspective, and analysis of this all-too-common crime. Among the compelling facts: an act of rape or sexual assault occurs in our nation nearly once every two minutes. More than half of all rape victims are under the age of 18. Most sexual assaults are NOT committed by strangers, but by someone whom the victim knows. This video explains that "date rape" is just as much a crime as other sexual assaults. Information is provided about the links between drugs, alcohol, and rape. Specific, practical guidelines for how to protect against rape and date rape are presented. Law enforcement professionals, medical personnel and psychologists take viewers on a step-by-step investigation of where, how and why rape occurs with the goal of informing viewers of the risks and providing strategies to avoid rape. Students will meet a woman whose unbelievable act of bravery put one rapist behind bars for good. And, a former NFL Quarterback now teaches young men a whole new set of attitudes about themselves and about their behavior towards women. This program is a must-see for all high school students.
Grades 7 - College           20 min.           2005           DVD-4181

Grades 7 - College
Straight Talk: The Truth about Alcohol and Sex (cc)

Using a unique drama format combined with a documentary style, this video/print package memorably explores the all too common consequences of underage drinking and sexual misconduct. The drama centers around the aftermath of an underage drinking party, recreated through flashbacks of excessive drinking, loosened inhibitions, poor judgment and painful consequences. Stories include a basketball player who date rapes an acquaintance, a girl who binge drinks and loses her virginity to her boyfriend but can't even remember it the next day, another girl finds herself the subject of "sexting" where risque images of her were sent via cell phones to students in her school. The program gives viewers an all-too-real glimpse at how alcohol clouds thinking, hinders decision-making skills and creates a dangerous atmosphere for making wise choices.

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High School         18 minutes         2010          DVD-4212

High School
Too Much: The Extreme Danger of Binge Drinking (cc)

Against the backdrop of Spring Break overindulgence in Panama City, Florida, this documentary examines the harrowing and tragic consequences of underage drinkers who do not understand the real risks of out-of-control alcohol abuse. Introduces two brain and alcohol researchers who take students on an eye-opening video field trip, using their tools-of-the-trade (including MRIs and PET scans) to graphically show alcohol damage in the brain. Using 3-D images of the brain, the researchers describe what happens as drink after drink is consumed, causing the brain to ultimately shut down the autonomic nervous system, causing death. A young teenage girl who was sexually assaulted during a Spring Break drinking binge presents her painful story. Also interviews the parent of a student who died from alcohol poisoning while partying with his friends. Interspersed throughout is footage of alternative, alcohol-free Spring Breaks, featuring real teens who decided to do something constructive with their vacations, such as building housing for needy families.
Grades 7-College       20 min.          2006          DVD-4174

Grades 7-College
True Stories

The disturbing issue of “acquaintance rape” (also known as “date rape”) is brought to life in this powerful short film. Two female high school students and the two boys who raped them describe their behavior and feelings before, during and after the attacks. One young woman, Melanie, innocently goes to a fellow student’s house to study and when he does not pay attention to their studies, she gets up to leave. To her horror, the young man attacks her, asking her what she expected by coming to his house. She does not hesitate to press charges against him and he is convicted. The young man is sent to prison, full of resentment that his life has been ruined. Another student, Vera, attends a party where she has too much to drink and passes out in the bathroom. Joe, a young man who had been flirting with her earlier, attacks her. She fights back but to no avail. Afterwards, Vera tries to forget the incident but when she hears that he has attacked another student, she presses charges and Joe is sent to prison. This film shows that date rape is not a prank, but a crime with serious consequences. Although dramatized, TRUE STORIES has a “real life” feeling. It demonstrates the long-term impact of date rape on the perpetrator as well as the victim.                           
High School   14 min.   2002   DVD-4135

High School