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Chalk Talk on Alcohol by Father Joseph C. Martin

Chalk Talk on Alcohol was given in 1972 by Father Joseph C. Martin. It is considered a historic film, in that it offers one of the most effective descriptions of alcohol, alcoholism, and recovery from addiction.

High School/Adult   42 min.   2011   DVD-4009

Addiction (Disc 1 & 2)

One in four Americans has a primary family member who is struggling with addiction. This 90-minute documentary strives to break through the myths and explain what addiction really is (a brain disease), what causes it (a variety of genetic and psychosocial factors) and how to get the best available treatment (by seeking out evidence-based medical and behavioral treatments).
Adult            5 hours total          2007           DVD-4183

Addiction (Disc 3 & 4)

One in four Americans has a primary family member who is struggling with addiction. This 90-minute documentary strives to break through the myths and explain what addiction really is (a brain disease), what causes it (a variety of genetic and psychosocial factors) and how to get the best available treatment (by seeking out evidence-based medical and behavioral treatments).
Adult          90 min.           2007            DVD-4184

Addiction and the Human Brain (cc)

Drug addiction is a disease of the brain, and teens are at highest risk for acquiring this disease. That is the startling conclusion recently arrived at by brain experts, based on the latest research findings. This program illustrates the amazingly complicated structure and function of the brain using colorful and compelling visuals and computer animations. It explains the changes to the brain caused by prolonged use of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, nicotine, alcohol and methamphetamine, and shows why voluntary drug use eventually becomes involuntary and compulsive. Studies indicate that drugs affect the developing brain more than the brain of someone more mature, thus putting teens at a higher risk of addiction. Interviews with recovering teen addicts, an addiction counselor, and brain experts and researchers give the program realism and intensity, and provide sobering thoughts to viewers.

Grades 7-College         25 min.          2005         DVD-4169

Grades 7-College
Addiction Incorporated

ADDICTION INCORPORATED, tells the true story of how Victor DeNoble's unexpected discovery of an addiction ingredient in tobacco leads to both more addictive Marlboro cigarettes and Congressional testimony. The public revelation of long held tobacco industry secrets leads journalists, politicians, attorneys and whistle blowers into an unexpected alliance that achieves the first ever federal regulation of the tobacco industry. Victor's unwavering determination to "do some good" leads to a career as an educator that informs kids about the world's only industry where success is measured by a corporation’s ability to addict people.

Addiction Incorporated Website and Trailer

Addiction Incorporated Press Kit-Download PDF

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62 page curriculum guide

Grade Level: 8-12, College, Adult   75 min.or 35 min.version on the DVD

2013        DVD-3019‚Äč

Grade Level: 8-12, College, Adult
American Society of Addiction Medicine Placement and Treatment Planning, Day 1

Brief review of how a client accesses treatment, then ASAM Dimensions 1-3.  

Adult          103 min.         2005         DVD-11

American Society of Addiction Medicine Placement and Treatment Planning, Day 2

ASAM Dimensions 4-6. 

Adult          97 min.          2005          DVD-12

American Society of Addiction Medicine Placement and Treatment Planning, Day 3

Clinical Documentation, treatment plans and progress notes. 

Adult       99 min.         2005           DVD-13

Behind the Orange Curtain: The Real Story of What Is Happening in Orange County, California

"Behind the Orange Curtain," a full-length feature documentary produced by Natalie Costa and directed by Brent Huff, delves deep into the prescription drug problem afflicting affluent Orange County, which touts the OC as having more rehab centers per capita than any other county in the country. Of the 400 films representing 50 countries at this year's Newport Beach Film Festival to begin April 26, Film Fund chose "Behind the Orange Curtain" as one of "five films to see."

High School/Adult    85 min.   2012   DVD-5026


Bill W.: The First Intimate Documentary

In 1999, Bill Wilson was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Heroes and Icons of the 20th Century for his role as co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. But 65 years earlier, in 1934, he had faced almost certain death from his uncontrollable drinking. At the time, medicine viewed alcoholism as a symptom of deeper psychiatric issues, and alcoholics were treated with lobotomies, shock therapy, or imprisonment. Despite this, Bill Wilson found a way to sobriety, and then forged a path for countless others to follow. With Bill as its driving force, A.A. grew from a handful of men to a worldwide fellowship of over 2 million men and women. Thousands of people throughout the world now credit him with saving their lives – both alcoholics and members of dozens of other 12 Step recovery groups. Bill’s leadership eventually made him an icon within A.A. – and a man unable to be a member of the very society he had created. Through interviews, recreations, and rare archival material, Bill W. traces Wilson’s life through his 17 years of devastating alcoholism, the crucial years of A.A.’s founding and growth, his battle with depression, his experimentation with LSD, and his struggle with celebrity status in an anonymous society. A reluctant hero, Bill Wilson lived a life of sacrifice and service, and left a legacy of recovery that continues every day, all around the world.

Adult           104 min.           2011          DVD-4255

Caffeine: How Much Is Too Much? (cc)

Many teens readily consume caffeinated drinks: coffee, tea, colas, energy boosters, caffeinated sports drinks, and more. Many teens also use powdered caffeine or energy shots to boost energy for all-nighters, performances, competitions, or exams. But most teens do not know that caffeine is a neuro-stimulant that can cause overdose poisoning or even death. This program takes a look at the pros and cons of caffeine use and teaches viewers to understand whether or not they are in the danger zone for caffeine overuse or even dangerous overdose.

Preview a three minute clip:


Grades 7-College   21:48 min.   2016   DVD-5027

The Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much

A delightful tale that deals with addiction, denial, and recovery in a positive, non-threatening way. This program is the perfect teaching tool for explaining the addiction process. Narrated by Julie Harris.
All Ages          12 min.        1986           V-4029  or  DVD-4029

All Ages
The Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much (El Gato Que Bebia Demasiado)

The Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much is a delightful tale that deals with addiction in a positive, non-threatening way. It started innocently enough for Pat, the cat. Pat would have a drink or two with meals but then one day Pat began sneaking drinks. Pat had become obsessed with drinking. After a short time even drinking was not enough, so Pat began experimenting with other substances. Finally, Pat, the cat couldn't take it anymore. Pat needed help and the help was there. Narrated by Julie Harris.
All Ages       12 min.          2004           V-8001

All Ages
Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict - available online

In an effort to combat the growing epidemic of prescription drug and heroin abuse, the FBI and DEA have released "Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict," a documentary aimed at educating students and young adults about the dangers of addiction.

Background information

Discussion Guide

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High School/Adult   49:08 min.   2016  DVD-5068

High School/Adult
Craving and Relapse

"Craving and Relapse" was filmed in front of a live audience at Cal State University in Long Beach. This video, based on the time-tested Gorski Model of relapse prevention, captures all the energy and enthusiasm of the talk Bob's been doing in universities, treatment programs, and conferences for over 20 years! Over this time, the talk has been refined to effectively educate patients in treatment centers on the set-up behaviors and trigger events which set alcoholics and addicts up for the craving cycle. Consistent feedback regarding the usefulness of this information in treating addictions has inspired him to have it filmed so that others in treatment programs might benefit.

Adult           76 min.           2010           DVD-53

Cross-Addiction: the Back Door to Relapse

Cross-addiction is the single greatest relapse factor. Those who seek treatment generally have an honest desire to remain abstinent from alcohol or another drug of choice. Yet most can also name a drug they've tried that they considered "safe" for themselves, one they believe they can control. Firsthand testimony from recovering alcoholics and addicts, chemical dependency professionals, and a medical doctor dispel the myth that there is any such thing as a "safe" substance for people in recovery. The video ends with a message of hope as the recovering individuals share the joys and triumphs complete abstinence has brought to their lives.

Adult            39 min.           2005            DVD-52

The Disease of Alcoholism Update

According to Dr. Ohlms, alcohol still leads the list of most abused drugs in all age groups, between men and women, and from all walks of life. Dr. Ohlms clearly and cogently describes alcoholism as a chronic, progressive, incurable disease characterized by a train of signs and symptoms. He also shares startling and convincing information on the physiological aspects of alcohol addiction and fetal alcohol syndrome. Dr. Ohlms also address the effects alcoholism has on the family of the alcoholic.
Adult           39 min.          2002         V-4037

Drunk in Public II

Drunk In Public is a feature documentary directed by award winning filmmaker David J. Sperling. This final and complete film spans and chronicles the last 18 years in the touching, tragic and thought provoking life of Mark David Allen, a man arrested more than 500 times. This documentary provides a non-judgmental objective long term look at alcoholism. Nothing produced captures the progressive nature of addiction like this film...It is somber, educational, and sometimes funny. Audiences seem to respond to this unique presentation on an issue that affects nearly everyone. Therefore it is ideal for rehabilitation programs, teenagers and their families, law enforcement training, churches, counselors, schools and anyone else touched by the trauma of addiction. Since the first version, Drunk In Public has screened and collected awards in a number of festivals. This is an independently produced film with a gritty and realistic nature that is determined to open your eyes and challenge your heart.

High School/Adult   80 min.   2012   DVD-4032

The Eyes of Nye/Addiction: Disease or Behavior? (cc)

Is addiction a disease? Or is it a chosen behavior? Hear from scientists who are studying the brain, psychology, social factors, and genetics. Meet people who live with substance abuse issues. Then have students decide for themselves.
High School        25 min.        2005           DVD-4201

High School
Faces of Addiction

Flashback. "Flashback" is a true story of addiction shown through the eyes and words of a young addict who fights back. Fights back for a mother who never stops loving her. Fights back to be voted class valedictorian by her friends and peers. Fights back to recognize her own face of addiction and the battle she has to win everyday. 27th & Prospect: One Year in the Fight Against Drugs. Each New Year's Eve they come together to recite the litany of names of family, friends, neighbors and strangers who have died from drug-related accidents, violence or overdose in the past year. Addicted. Journalist Linda Ellerbee uncovers the faces of addiction amidst facts and figures of disease, violence and death caused by substance abuse. One thing these faces all have in common is their need for heroin, cocaine or crack, for alcohol, or nicotine.
High School - Adult          35 min.       1997           V-121

High School - Adult
Families in Recovery, v. 3

The family education component of The Matrix Model is also available individually as The Family Unit. It helps families understand the process of addiction and recovery. Includes facilitator material, lecture notes and handouts (which are also on CD), and three DVDs: Road Map for Recovery, Triggers and Cravings, and Families in Recovery. The Matrix Model is an evidence-based outpatient treatment program with over 20 years of research and development. It was recently tested in the CSAT Methamphetamine Project and is one of the few treatment programs to be endorsed by NIDA.* The comprehensive, multiformat program covers six key clinical areas: individual/conjoint therapy, early recovery, relapse prevention, family education, social support, and urine testing.
Adult             60 min.          2005           DVD-4178

Families in Recovery, v. 3

How can I make him stop drinking? How come that drug is more important than I am? Family members often feel angry, confused, and helpless when faced with a loved one's addiction. This informative video reinforces the concepts discussed in TRIGGERS AND CRAVINGS and ROAD MAP FOR RECOVERY. It then explains how the phases of addiction and recovery affect family members - and why involvement helps the entire family.
High School - Adult           60 min.         2005          DVD-4195

High School - Adult
15 and Getting It Straight

An after-school special starring Drew Barrymore, Corey Feldman, and Tatum O'Neil, this video portrays 6 teens and their first several weeks in a chemical dependency ward. Depicting the effects of drug abuse on the entire family, "15 and Getting It Straight" shows the inside look at the reality of addiction recovery.
High School            48 min.            1989         V-1

High School
Finding Normal

This film tells the story of three long-time heroin and crack addicts trying to rebuild lives devastated by addiction and incarceration. It highlights the role of a mentor who knows first-hand what it takes to be clean, stay out of prison, and build a “normal” life. Witness the challenges of recovery, the heartbreak of relapse, and the simple victories of everyday life.
FINDING NORMAL was screened at the 41st National Council Mental Health and Addictions Conference May 2-4, 2011. 

Adult           77 min.           2007           DVD-125