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BREAKING THE SILENCE: Suicide Prevention for Law Enforcement

The video features police officers, from Kenosha and Denver police departments, who describe their struggles in coping with challenges of law enforcement and their own experiences with suicide. Officers discuss overcoming the idea that seeking help is a sign of weakness and that supports are available such as professional services peer support officers, and chaplains. It provides guidance on what departments can do toward establishing a supportive environment. Also provides resources for further information. The video is accompanied by a discussion guide which is designed to assist officers in starting a discussion about suicide among law enforcement.

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Adults   12:18 min    2014   DVD-6014

Depression: True Stories

Untreated depression is the leading cause of suicide. Three young adults, including professional basketball player Chamique Holdsclaw, describe living with depression, their thoughts of suicide, and their recovery. They tell how early diagnosis and treatment can transform and save lives.  Discussion Guide available on the DVD or can be downloaded here: Discussion Guide

Grades 6-College, Parents   26 min.   2007   DVD-6007


Grades 6-College, Parents
LIFE CONTINUED: Defeating Depression (cc)

“Life Continued: Defeating Depression” examines the lives of two college students from different parts of the country who fought their way through serious mental health struggles: Sarah Virginia and Devin. Both contemplated suicide and Sarah Virginia actually attempted it. Devin’s depression stems from his experience with racism and homophobia in his community. Growing up, he was the victim of extreme bullying and teasing for being gay and was forced to keep his sexuality hidden for most of his life. Sarah Virginia’s depression, anorexia, and self-harm began at the age of 12. At 17, she hit her lowest point. After receiving medical help and counseling, she realized she had a second chance and began to share her story through her writing and music. This documentary tells their stories—from their earliest indications that something was wrong to their decisions to work toward recovery.

Act 1: 7:57 minutes   a new beginning

Act 2: 6:29 minutes   internal struggle

Act 3: 5:39 minutes   you’re still the same person

Act 4: 6:37 minutes   support system

Act 5: 5:53 minutes   having an outlet

Act 6: 4:00 minutes   breaking the silence

Act 7: 4:25 minutes   just do you


SAMHSA Voice Award Winner


College Students   46:51 min.   2013   DVD-6008


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College Students
Lifelines: A Suicide Prevention Program

This comprehensive suicide prevention program is a whole-school program. Lifelines educates students on the facts about suicide and students' role in suicide prevention. It provides information on where to find suicide prevention resources in the school and community. Training materials are included for faculty and staff that provide accurate and practical information on identifying and referring students who might be at risk for suicide. Lifelines also includes a presentation for parents that answers questions about youth suicide and prevention, and it involves them in the school's suicide prevention activities.
Grades 7 & up            20 min.           2009            DVD-5140/A

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Grades 7 & up
Return But No Escape

"Return But No Escape" is a story about Justin, a combat veteran returning home from a deployment in Afghanistan. He safely returns home to a loving, beautiful wife named Becky, and a young daughter named Emma. Becky cannot understand why her husband does not seem the same as he was before being deployed. The story ventures into Justin's mind as he suffers from the symptoms of PTSD. The film demonstrates a family's struggle with the effects of war, both internally and externally, as it depicts a realistic portrayal of an individual and family suffering from PTSD.

This DVD set is intended for anyone interested in learning more about PTSD, substance abuse, suicide and reintegration challenges. Whether you are a pastor, faith leader, counselor, social worker, police officer, first responder, active military or veteran, the goal of this DVD set is to provide information to help identify these issues and raise awareness. 

3 DVD Set Contains:
* Return But No Escape - award winning video -  16:34 minutes
* Jeff Heiser's personal story of hope and healing  -  76:20 minutes
* Resource Disk - digital workbook 12:42 minutes with group discussion materials, scene descriptions 9:20 minutes

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Adult    16 min./76 min.    2012    DVD-4057

Running from Crazy (cc)

In Running From Crazy, Mariel Hemingway, granddaughter of fame author Ernest Hemingway, strives to better understand her family’s history of suicide and mental illness. As a young girl, Mariel followed her supermodel sister, Margaux, into the acting world. Critics immediately praised Mariel’s talent, which created a deep rift between the sisters. Barbara Kopple’s bold portrait of the Hemingways intertwines haunting archival footage from Margaux’s personal family documentary with scenes from Mariel’s life today as she advocates for suicide prevention and strives to live a rigorously healthy lifestyle to combat what appears to be her birthright. Mariel’s courageous journey of acceptance and introspection allows her to view her family and turbulent upbringing through new eyes and, for the first time, accept them with a peaceful heart.

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Adult    100 min.    2013    DVD-6013

The Other Side

“The Other Side” is an evocative rendition of the journey from despair and loneliness to hope and community, as told by those who’ve recovered from mental illness and addictions. Download this short video; add your organization’s name, if you like; and share with your legislators, funders, and stakeholders the message that recovery is possible and that community supports for people with mental illnesses make a difference. 

4:54 minutes    2013

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From Despair to Hope, When Community Cares
The Other Side ― the National Council for Behavioral Health’s award-winning 5-minute film marking the 50th anniversary of the Community Mental Health Act passed by President Kennedy ― portrays what it’s like to live in the grip of mental illnesses and addictions and how treatments and supports provided in the community make recovery possible.

TIP 50: Addressing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Substance Abuse Treatment, Video companion to TIP 50 (cc)

Video offers guidance to substance abuse treatment counselors working with persons with suicidal behaviors. Covers risk factors, warning signs, and follow-up care. Case scenarios demonstrate counseling techniques and a 4-step process for addressing suicide. Developed with Department of Veterans Affairs with support from SAMHSA.

Length:  66:35 minutes

Publication Date: 10/2010