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Restraint and Seclusion: Hear Our Stories

 Restraint and Seclusion: Hear Our Stories (working title) is a new film by Dan Habib, Filmmaker at the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire. In the film, Jino Medina, Brianna Hammon, Helena Stephenson and Peyton Goddard describe the restraint and seclusion they experienced while students in public schools, and the devastating physical and emotional injuries they suffered as a result. And Carolyn Medina and Wil Beaudoin describe how the restraint and seclusion their children endured had an impact on them as parents.

The film (27 minutes) is available free to the public through for training, professional development and public awareness. Restraint and Seclusion: Hear Our Stories was produced through a partnership of the National Center on Trauma Informed Care, TASH and the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability. Support for this film comes from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).


Shadows: Children, Families and the Legacy of Incarceration

 The powerful training film brings out of the shadows the voices and realities of children of incarcerated parents. Based on performances of the presentation Holding up: A New Prison Legacy, the film follows the journey of the children, their caregivers and their incarcerated parents as they travel from the darkness of anger and pain into the light of healing and forgiveness. A must see for anyone working with incarcerated fathers, their children and their caregivers. This gem is brought to us by the National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated at the Family & Corrections Network.    

Adult    62 min.    2008    DVD
Behind Closed Doors: Trauma Survivors and the Psychiatric System

The award-winning documentary, Behind Closed Doors, was produced with funds from a SAMHSA grant. The film tells the story of four women who spent years struggling to overcome childhood abuse only to be traumatized again within the walls of psychiatric hospitals. Their journeys toward healing began when they entered a non-traditional community program that offered safety, compassion, and hope.
Adult            20 min.           2007           DVD-20

BREAKING THE SILENCE: Suicide Prevention for Law Enforcement

The video features police officers, from Kenosha and Denver police departments, who describe their struggles in coping with challenges of law enforcement and their own experiences with suicide. Officers discuss overcoming the idea that seeking help is a sign of weakness and that supports are available such as professional services peer support officers, and chaplains. It provides guidance on what departments can do toward establishing a supportive environment. Also provides resources for further information. The video is accompanied by a discussion guide which is designed to assist officers in starting a discussion about suicide among law enforcement.

Watch on YouTube

Download Video Facilitation Guide

Adults   12:18 min    2014   DVD-6014

Exploring Trauma: A Brief Intervention for Men

Exploring Trauma is a gender-responsive program addressing the trauma experiences of men. This six-session program includes a facilitator guide and a reproducible participant workbook (available in both English and Spanish) designed for working with men in a setting where a short-term intervention is needed. Examples of settings in which the program can be used are a community-based program, such as a community mental health center; an addiction treatment program; a private practice setting; a correctional facility (jail or prison); or an agency charged with addressing domestic violence. Each session contains multiple activities that may include discussions, role-plays, interactive projects and grounding/self-soothing exercises. Some sessions utilize guided imagery, or visualization—the goal being to allow men the opportunity to imagine scenarios that are different from their own realities and offers them an opportunity to safely envision different behaviors.

What Are the Program Components?

Exploring Trauma includes a reproducible facilitator guide and a reproducible participant workbook (in both English and Spanish) on a CD-ROM or in a digital delivery format. The facilitator guide contains background information about trauma and session outlines that are similar to lesson plans. The six sessions in the program are:

Session 1: Welcome and Introduction to the Subject of Trauma
Session 2: Exploring Trauma
Session 3: Thinking, Feeling and Acting
Session 4: Beyond Guilt, Shame, and Anger
Session 5: Healthy Relationships
Session 6: Love, Endings, and Certificates                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Adult          2016       CD-ROM-5053

Trauma is a gender-responsive program addressing the trauma
Healing Trauma: A Brief Intervention for Women

Healing Trauma is an evidence-based, gender-responsive, six-session (90-minute sessions) curriculum for women, especially designed for settings in which a short-term intervention is needed. Examples are a community-based program, such as a mental health center; an addiction treatment program; a private practice setting; a correctional facility (jail or prison); and an agency addressing domestic violence.

This new edition of Healing Trauma includes:

new and updated foundational information for the facilitator
new statistics about abuse and other forms of trauma
new discoveries, publications, and insights in the field; particularly neuroscience
an additional session, which includes more new lectures and activities for the participants that reflect current thinking and practice
a variety of yoga poses, grounding activities, and self-soothing activities

The curriculum uses psychoeducational and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, expressive arts, body-focused exercises, mindfulness, and relational therapy.

What Are the Program Components?

Healing Trauma includes a reproducible facilitator guide and a reproducible participant workbook (in both English and Spanish) on a CD-ROM or in a digital delivery format. The facilitator guide contains background information about trauma and session outlines that are similar to lesson plans. The six sessions in the program are:

Session 1: Welcome and Introduction to the Subject of Trauma
Session 2: Power and Abuse
Session 3: The Process of Trauma and Self-Care
Session 4: The ACE Questionnaire and Anger
Session 5: Healthy Relationships
Session 6: Love, Endings, and Certificates

Adult      2016        CD-ROM 5057

The Healing Years (cc)

THE HEALING YEARS is a documentary taking a bold look at the profound effects of child sexual abuse on individuals, families and society, and the importance of recovery as a key to ending the cycle of abuse. The program profiles three women survivors of incest from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds - Marilyn Van Derbur, former Miss America; Janice Mirikitani, President of San Francisco's renowned Glide Memorial Church; and Barbara Hamilton, a 78-year old survivor. These women bear witness to the emotional dysfunction, addiction, perpetuation of abuse, and detrimental impact this crime has on families and society. Yet, the program is ultimately inspiring as we witness their recovery from victims to empowered women, ending the cycle of child sexual abuse in our families or communities where incest and abuse is widely prevalent.
High School - Adult           52 min.           1999          DVD-130

High School - Adult
Incest: A Family Tragedy

A film about sexual molestation, specifically incest, from several points of view: the offenders, the victims, law enforcement personnel, social workers, counselors and lawmakers. Filmmakers challenge the lack of policies in place to prevent the kind of molestation that no one wants to talk about. The film ends with a list of suggested measures to combat the cycle of molestation.

Adult - College           96 min.           2007           DVD

Kings Park: Stories from an American Mental Institution

On June 21, 1967, at the age of 17, Lucy Winer was committed to the female violent ward of Kings Park State Hospital following a series of failed suicide attempts. Over 30 years later, now a veteran documentary filmmaker, Lucy returns to Kings Park for the first time since her discharge. Her journey back sparks a decade-long effort to face her past and learn the story of the now abandoned institution that once held her captive. Her meetings with other former patients, their families, and the hospital staff reveal the painful legacy of our state hospital system and the crisis left by its demise.

Adult       108 min.     2011      DVD-6010


LIFE CONTINUED: Defeating Depression (cc)

“Life Continued: Defeating Depression” examines the lives of two college students from different parts of the country who fought their way through serious mental health struggles: Sarah Virginia and Devin. Both contemplated suicide and Sarah Virginia actually attempted it. Devin’s depression stems from his experience with racism and homophobia in his community. Growing up, he was the victim of extreme bullying and teasing for being gay and was forced to keep his sexuality hidden for most of his life. Sarah Virginia’s depression, anorexia, and self-harm began at the age of 12. At 17, she hit her lowest point. After receiving medical help and counseling, she realized she had a second chance and began to share her story through her writing and music. This documentary tells their stories—from their earliest indications that something was wrong to their decisions to work toward recovery.

Act 1: 7:57 minutes   a new beginning

Act 2: 6:29 minutes   internal struggle

Act 3: 5:39 minutes   you’re still the same person

Act 4: 6:37 minutes   support system

Act 5: 5:53 minutes   having an outlet

Act 6: 4:00 minutes   breaking the silence

Act 7: 4:25 minutes   just do you


SAMHSA Voice Award Winner


College Students   46:51 min.   2013   DVD-6008


View Online Here


Half of Us Website



College Students
Lost Angels: Skid Row Is My Home

Narrated by Catherine Keener, LOST ANGELS: SKID ROW IS MY HOME takes an uncompromising yet life-affirming look at the lives of eight remarkable individuals--people who have found a way to make a life for themselves within the community of homelessness. The film shows how their descent into society's basement has been exacerbated by the forces of gentrification and the increasing criminalization of homeless people, while exposing the draconian changes to the mental health care system that have brought us here. With the support of a vast array of advocates, especially the services of Lamp Community, the mission featured in the Jamie Foxx/ Robert Downey Jr. film, THE SOLOIST, many residents of Skid Row have found a way to stick together and fight back. Directed by Thomas Napper, LOST ANGELS demonstrates how proactive approaches to homelessness-most specifically that of providing housing-are helping many to recover from mental illness and substance abuse and to find stability. For many, Skid Row is, perhaps improbably, the last place to find refuge and build a life of meaning...proving that sometimes home is where the help is.  

Adult      75 min.     2010    DVD-6012

Lost Angels on YouTube                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Paper Tigers (cc)

Paper Tigers follows a year in the life of an alternative high school that has radically changed its approach to disciplining its students, becoming a promising model for how to break the cycles of poverty, violence and disease that affect families.




Download Paper Tigers discussion guide


High School/Adult   102 min.   2015   DVD-5083

High School/Adult
Return But No Escape

"Return But No Escape" is a story about Justin, a combat veteran returning home from a deployment in Afghanistan. He safely returns home to a loving, beautiful wife named Becky, and a young daughter named Emma. Becky cannot understand why her husband does not seem the same as he was before being deployed. The story ventures into Justin's mind as he suffers from the symptoms of PTSD. The film demonstrates a family's struggle with the effects of war, both internally and externally, as it depicts a realistic portrayal of an individual and family suffering from PTSD.

This DVD set is intended for anyone interested in learning more about PTSD, substance abuse, suicide and reintegration challenges. Whether you are a pastor, faith leader, counselor, social worker, police officer, first responder, active military or veteran, the goal of this DVD set is to provide information to help identify these issues and raise awareness. 

3 DVD Set Contains:
* Return But No Escape - award winning video -  16:34 minutes
* Jeff Heiser's personal story of hope and healing  -  76:20 minutes
* Resource Disk - digital workbook 12:42 minutes with group discussion materials, scene descriptions 9:20 minutes

Preview a 1 minute trailer here: YouTube Trailer

BusinessWire Review

Adult    16 min./76 min.    2012    DVD-4057

Seeking Safety: A Model for Trauma and/or Substance Abuse (4 video series)

Seeking Safety Training, v. 1

A 2-hour training video by Lisa Najavits, including clips from real clients and clinicians. The training is a 2-hour version of her standard initial training on Seeking Safety, including background on trauma/PTSD and substance abuse; overview of Seeking Safety; implementation; studies; and frequently-asked questions.

Adult    113 min   2005   DVD


Example of a Group Session: Asking for Help, v. 2

A 1-hour video of Lisa Najavits conducting a group session (unscripted) with real clients. The session uses the topic "Asking for Help" from the Seeking Safety book. 

Adult   61 min   2005   DVD


A Client's Story/Teaching Grounding. v. 3

A 20-minute video in which a man describes the impact of sexual abuse and addiction, and his attempts to obtain treatment. This client volunteered to share his story for this video. Please note that the experiences he describes include graphic details of trauma and substance abuse, and may be disturbing.

Example of Teaching Grounding to a Client. A 16-minute example of teaching a real client the skill of "grounding" using the script from the Seeking Safety manual.

Adult   36 min   2005   DVD


Adherence Rating Session: Healthy Relationships, v. 4

A 1-hour video of a clinician conducting a group session with real clients, unscripted. The session uses the topic "Healthy Relationships" from the Seeking Safety book. The session was designed to show both good and poor elements.


Adult   55 min   2005   DVD


Click here for Seeking Saftey Website


SELF INFLICTED: A Film about Non Suicidal Self-Injury (cc)

Self Inflicted is an up close and intimate portrait of NSSI (Non Suicidal Self-Injury.) NSSI is the purposeful destruction of one’s own bodily tissues in an effort to alleviate emotional distress. Typically, NSSI shows up in the form of cutting, burning, bruising, etc. Through interviews with the top research scientists in the field of NSSI, along with sociologists, as well as life-time to novice self-harmers, viewers gain insight into this increasingly common coping mechanism. Reassuring advice from the people coping with this illness, as well as from the professionals, lets viewers know that NSSI can be managed, and treated with good outcomes.

Trigger Warning: This film is about Non Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) and includes images of knives, lighters, cigarette burns, scars, bandages, implied self injury, as well as extensive dialogue on self-injurious behavior.

Preview a two minute clip:


Grades 7-College   25:37 min.   2015   DVD-5167 

Grades 7-College
SPLIT: Divorce through Kids' Eyes

In this powerful documentary, children share personal stories of divorce with honesty and depth.  Short chapters, such as "what happened,” "wishing,” and "what helps,” explore a broad range of experiences, and the diverse cast adds value to this remarkable film.


SPLIT website


Preview a three minute clip


Read a review from Parents' Choice


 Ages: 6-16 years   28 min.   2013      DVD-5002