Motivational Interviewing

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Getting an Addict Into Treatment: The CRAFT Approach

After growing up with an alcoholic father, psychology professor Dr. Robert Meyers developed an innovative treatment method called Community Reinforcement and Family Training. This program outlines the CRAFT approach, a gentle and effective method for helping families guide addicted loved ones into treatment. Dr. Meyers discusses the importance of changing family dynamics to help start addicts on their journey toward recovery. A case study features Jane, who had tried everything to get her grandson Doug into treatment and who finally turns to the CRAFT system. The film shows how Doug responds to therapy and frees himself from his family’s cycle of alcoholism.  An HBO Production.


Some content may be objectionable. Viewer discretion is advised.


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Adult   20 min.   2006   DVD-4053

Handling Resistance, v. 4

Motivational interviewing includes a set of strategies for handling and decreasing resistance. The information presented in this video is particularly useful during Phase I, although the methods are applicable throughout counseling. The phenomenon of "resistance" is discussed, and various strategies are explained and demonstrated.
Adult           62 min.           1998           V-384

Idaho GAIN Clinical Interpretation Training

Presented by certified GAIN Advanced Clinical Interpretation trainers, Kipp Dana and Rusty O’Leary. The GAIN GRRS Editing and Interpretation Training, originally designed as a one day training event presented on site in each Region of Idaho, has now been recorded to a DVD you may use in house at your agency. The DVD training is a 3.3 hour presentation divided into four chapters based on topic. It is designed to train GAIN Site Interviewers who have not previously participated in the GAIN GRRS Editing and Interpretation Training, as well as an update and refresher course to be used by previously trained GAIN Site Interviewers. The chapter segments can conveniently be used in staff meetings and in house training events to update and refresh all GAIN Site Interviewers Editing and Interpretation training. PDF handouts included on DVD.

Adult           201 min.           2011          

Motivational Interviewing Professional Training DVD/Disc 1 of 2

Programs A, B & C
Adult            1998           DVD

Motivational Interviewing Professional Training DVD/Disc 2 of 2

Programs D, E & F
Adult           1998           DVD