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Characteristics of Co-Dependents, v. 2

Using vignettes of three individuals: a nurse whose life is centered on an overweight daughter, a recovering alcoholic who is experiencing little satisfaction from life, and a woman who is enmeshed in an unhealthy relationship - discusses common characteristics of co-dependents, including being externally focused, overly responsible, controlling, rigid, and engaging in compulsive behavior.
Adult            23 min.           1990           V-45

Co-Occurring Disorders: Mental Health & Drugs

Co-Occurring Disorders: Mental Health & Drugs has been designed primarily for clients who have a dual diagnosis and secondarily for those involved in the treatment of these disorders that need a deeper understanding of this common phenomenon. By first examining the mental illnesses that are part of a dual diagnosis (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar, depression) and then showing how psychoactive drug use can aggravate or induce these illnesses, the video helps explain the relationship between the two conditions. Related issues such as the difficulty of giving an accurate diagnosis, self-medication with street drugs, the use of psychiatric medications to control the illnesses, and the problems of relapse are discussed. Interactions from a dual diagnosis group as well as from many clients with co-occurring disorders emphasize not only the difficulties of treating co-occurring disorders but also show how clients can function in society and gain hope through effective treatment. PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A VHS OR DVD COPY.
Adult            36 min.           2004           DVD-51

Getting an Addict Into Treatment: The CRAFT Approach

After growing up with an alcoholic father, psychology professor Dr. Robert Meyers developed an innovative treatment method called Community Reinforcement and Family Training. This program outlines the CRAFT approach, a gentle and effective method for helping families guide addicted loved ones into treatment. Dr. Meyers discusses the importance of changing family dynamics to help start addicts on their journey toward recovery. A case study features Jane, who had tried everything to get her grandson Doug into treatment and who finally turns to the CRAFT system. The film shows how Doug responds to therapy and frees himself from his family’s cycle of alcoholism.  An HBO Production.


Some content may be objectionable. Viewer discretion is advised.


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Adult   20 min.   2006   DVD-4053

Healing the Family Within, v. 4

Drawn from the work of nationally known author and lecturer, Robert Subby, this program utilizes his workshops and other interviews in a fast-paced presentation. Subby states that this program is about "learning to get along with the inner parent, adult and child of our spirit. Together these three dimensions provide us with the intellectual, moral and emotional understanding necessary to help reach our full potential.
Adult         30 min.          1990          V-47

Issues in Recovery/Achieving Intimacy: Overcoming Co-dependency, pt. 1; v. 3

Defines and illustrates the struggle for intimacy within the recovery process. Presents aspects of personality, development of identity, and patterns of interaction that have implications for success in achieving intimacy. Through the unique and engaging teaching style of nationally known speaker Robert Subby, in combination with personal accounts from a recovering couple, viewers will have an up-close and personal view of the many dimensions of intimacy within relationships in recovery.
Adult           38 min.            1992           V-178

Issues in Recovery/Achieving Intimacy: Overcoming Co-dependency, pt. 2; v. 4

Continues the discussion of intimacy within the recovery process begun in Part 1. Emphasizes the nature and positive value of intimacy, and illustrates its impact on psychosocial well-being. Through the personal accounts of a second recovering couple, Robert Subby concludes his presentation on aspects of achieving intimacy within such relationships
Adult            25 min.            1992            V-179

The Path to Recovery, v. 3

Discusses common concerns of co-dependents entering treatment: effects of treatment on significant others, spiritual issues, and use of willpower and analytic thinking in overcoming co-depdendency. Discusses common treatment modalities, the importance of groups, letter writing to parents, a personal "bill of rights" to establish boundaries and personal affirmations.
Adult           21 min.            1990           V-46

Pieces of Silence, v. 5

Tells the story of a family that has suffered the effects of an alcoholic parent. It is the family of nationally known author and psychologist Robert Subby who not only narrates, discussing addiction and co-dependency, but gives his own perspective on being part of such a family. Interviews with family members poignantly illustrate the pain, guilt and frustration of life in a dysfunctional family.
Adult            56 min.            1988           V-48

The What & Why of Co-Dependency, v. 1

Using a combination of mimes and family vignettes, program gives an overview of the history of co-dependency. Describes current thinking regarding the disorder and discusses its origins, including family traits such as faulty communication, inadequate boundaries and abuse.
Adult            22 min.           1990            V-44