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DUI: The Hard Truth (cc)

Hosted by a career EMT, this video reveals the hard truth and horrifying ordeals resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol - a young girl recounts how she was critically burned after her car was hit by a drunken teenager; a young woman tells of having to identify her little sister's body at a morgue after she was killed by an intoxicated teen driver; an ER doctor talks about "breaking the news" to parents whose son was killed in a drunk driving crash; and a young woman shares the details of her living nightmare when she killed her best friend while she was DUI. Each incident is told "live" in front of an audience of students, parents, teachers and medical professionals who add their expertise. Dramatic video reenactments hammer home the indisputable truth that driving while drunk or impaired results in unforgettable pain, suffering and death. This program contains graphic images which may disturb some viewers.

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Faces of Drunk Driving Website-Jacqui Saburido Story

DVD Extras:
1) A 911 Every Year   1:35 minutes  
2) Life in Prison     1:41 minutes  
3) No Safe Amount     1:36 minutes  
4) A Message from Jacqui     :47 minutes  

Grades 7 - College            29 min.           2008            DVD-4027

Grades 7 - College
Dying High: Teens in the ER (cc)

This hard hitting, reality based video gives viewers a chance to see what goes on inside the nation's emergency rooms as doctors treat teens for some of the most common types of injuries among young people: drug overdoses, alcohol poisoning, car wreck traumas and more. Dying High offers a glimpse into the nightmarish reality of what can happen when young people take risks with their health, their safety and even their lives. New federal data indicates a 20% increase in drug-related ER visits for teens under the age of 17. Yet drug-related emergencies are only part of the bigger picture. This video presents a series of episodes, which allow viewers to see common life-and-death ER moments. The goal of this high-powered video is to remind teens that risk-taking behaviors can often lead to serious injury and death. Activities in the Teacher's Resource Book allow students to continue their exploration of this subject. PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A VHS OR DVD COPY.

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Grades 7 - College             26 min.             2003            DVD-4046

Grades 7 - College
Pharm Parties: A Lethal Mix (cc)

One of the newest and most frightening trends in teen drug experimentation are so-called "pharm parties"-where teens gather at someone's home, drop an array of pharmaceuticals (like Vicodin, Oxycontin or Xanax) into a bowl, then consume handfuls of this dangerous "trail mix." This eye-opening program allows viewers to hear from teens who nearly died after participating in pharm parties, as well as medical experts who identify the dangers of taking any medicines not specifically prescribed for you. Narcotics officers with first hand experience of pharm party overdoses give vivid descriptions of documented incidents. Viewers also learn what really happens when a human stomach is pumped as a last resort to avoid drug overdose. Program clearly demonstrates the extreme dangers of this rapidly escalating form of prescription drug abuse.

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Grades 7 - College            24 min.           2009            DVD-5125

Grades 7 - College
Spit This! The Hazards of Smokeless Tobacco (cc)

Give your students the facts to counter the recent 30% rise in male adolescent smokeless tobacco use. Program combines an engaging narrative storyline with hard-core facts about all kinds of smokeless tobacco products-spit, snuff, chew as well as newer nicotine-delivery products designed to appeal to those who are uncomfortable with spitting out tobacco juice. Follow a group of high school students as they work on a school video project to persuade their peers to steer clear of all forms of smokeless tobacco. Video offers nitty-gritty facts about the hazards of chewing tobacco and the immensely addictive properties of nicotine. Pays special attention to the up-and-coming generation of "spitless" tobacco products (such as snus and pouches) now promoted by tobacco companies eager to rev up sales. Powerfully persuasive message goes even further via student activities in Teacher's Resource Book.

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Grades 7 - College           25 min.           2009           DVD-3046

Grades 7 - College
Tales from the Prom: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (cc)

A teen's prom can be one of the most memorable nights of a lifetime-as well as one of the most regrettable. Prom night often finds teens pressured to engage in underage drinking, illegal drug use, unprotected sex or more. This video turns its lens on a wide range of real teens and their prom experiences-from the most positive moments to events gone horribly wrong. Sends a straightforward message of planning, communicating with parents, setting personal limits, and establishing a "safety net" plan before the prom. Law enforcement and medical emergency workers weigh in on prom night hazards and their consequences. This sharp, honest look at the risks and rewards of prom night helps make students and parents "prom ready" by knowing the facts, the problems and strategies for a safe and fun prom.
Grades 7-12               23 min.            2009             DVD-4213

Grades 7-12
Tobacco and Death: Perfect Together (cc)

Documentary interviews of real people whose lives have been ravaged by tobacco use are intertwined with actual images of diseased lungs, damaged hearts, and various cancers to give viewers a true picture of the effects of tobacco. Real victims deliver a powerful no-use message. This compelling program delivers an unflinching expose on the terrible toll of smoking—one that will linger in the minds of teens long after viewing it. Program opens with riveting photos, transforming a healthy Bryan Curtis into a diseased shadow of his former self. Bryan’s widow tells her emotional story of losing her husband, and the father of their young child, only weeks after his cancer diagnosis. In each case depicted, viewers learn the terrible toll of smoking, chewing tobacco, and secondhand smoke exposure. Leading anti-tobacco experts weigh in with the latest statistics on morbidity and mortality rates, including the rising numbers of deaths of young adults due to tobacco use. In conclusion, real people speak about their own tobacco addictions, or those of beloved family members, and tobacco’s eroding effects on health and family. Armed with a barrage of damaging testimony, pictures, facts and graphics, viewers will be “grossed out” into “tossing out” tobacco.

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Grades 7 - College            20 min.           2007           DVD-3088


Grades 7 - College
Underage Drinking: Know the Facts, Know the Risks (cc)

This no-nonsense program lays out the straight facts about underage drinking. Alcohol abuse is responsible for 100,000 deaths in the U.S. each year - deaths resulting from drunk driving, alcohol poisoning, fetal alcohol syndrome, cirrhosis and even from alcohol-related cancers (esophageal, liver, colon). The program clearly spells out the dangers and the risks of underage drinking while also providing new information on how the adolescent brain can be permanently damaged by alcohol. Underage Drinking also explores the risky trend of binge drinking, which results in thousands of teens being treated in the emergency room each year for alcohol poisoning. There is also a segment on the legal and social dangers of throwing unsupervised parties in which alcohol is served to minors. The video makes it clear that teens should adopt a no-use policy towards this dangerous and addictive drug. Teacher's Resource Book provides compelling lessons and activities on alcohol-related topics such as binge drinking, addiction, alcohol overdose and more. 
Grades 7 - College              27 min.            2004            DVD-4136

Grades 7 - College